Hats off to Fernando Alonso!

Headgear – it plays an important part in Formula One. Whether it be the team cap or the all important helmet they are a prominent feature in the F1 paddock. Much is discussed about Sebastian Vettel’s habit of changing his helmet after every race – he even had at least three different designs during the course of the Australian GP weekend. There is also  another item of head-wear which has proved to be a talking point – Fernando Alonso’s cap. This is a picture from the official Ferrari store:

Ferrari cap © http://www.ferrarif1.com

Felipe Massa wears this style of cap during race weekends.

This is a picture of Fernando Alonso after the 2012 Australian GP:

Fernando Alonso's cap

You can clearly see the difference with the flatter peak to Fernando’s cap. I refer to this as a ‘homie’ style cap. Of course this isn’t the first time that a Ferrari driver has sported this current style, as Kimi Räikkönen was somewhat of a pioneer of the style in recent years. His 2012 return means that Fernando now has a rival for the “biggest peak”:

Kimi Raikkonen's cap

But that’s not all – another driver has entered the fray, throwing his hat into the ring (pardon the pun):

Daniel Ricciardo's cap

The peaks look to be getting increasingly bigger but the majority of drivers seem to be sticking with the traditional style. And of course there is one extreme to another as, well, I can’t think of a time where I have seen Paul di Resta wear a cap of any sort during his F1 career.

I look forward to the day Fernando, Kimi and Daniel come face to face in the paddock and there is a ‘hat off’. Will anybody else join their ‘trend’? Who pulls off the flat look best?


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