The Season So Far in Numbers

With the Belgian Grand Prix just days away, it seems like an appropriate time to take a look at the season so far in numbers. With nine races in the next fourteen weeks, drivers are facing an action packed run to the Brazilian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel has a commanding 38 point lead over Kimi Räikkönen and 39 point lead over Fernando Alonso, but who will come out on top? Here’s a look at the season so far in numbers.

The Basics

Lewis Hamilton has the most pole positions this season (4) with Mercedes securing the most as a team (7). In terms of race wins, Sebastian Vettel is on top (4), with Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg winning two apiece. Vettel’s four wins put Red Bull on top (4) but just one race win ahead of Mercedes (3). Vettel also has the most podiums so far (7). Eight drivers have been on the podium in 2013 from four teams – Red Bull have the most (10) followed by Lotus (8), Ferrari (6) and Mercedes (6).


Sebastian Vettel and Nico Hulkenberg are the only two drivers to out-qualify their team-mates at every race so far in 2013. McLaren, Force India and Williams have the most evenly matched team-mates in terms of qualifying, with one driver having a 6-4 lead over the other.

There have been 16 qualifying grid-drops in 2013 so far: Kimi Räikkönen (2), Felipe Massa (2), Mark Webber (2), Esteban Gutierrez (2), Giedo van der Garde (2), Max Chilton (1), Romain Grosjean (1), Lewis Hamilton (1), Daniel Ricciardo (1), Paul di Resta (1), and Charles Pic (1). At this stage in 2012, Pastor Maldonado had had three grid penalties himself, but this year has managed to avoid them so far.

Paul di Resta has made up the most positions (grid to chequered flag) so far this season with a total of 30 positions gained. Charles Pic has gained 15 places while Giedo van der Garde has gained 13 places.

The top ten in qualifying, in terms of their average starting positions (taking grid-drops and exclusions into consideration)  are as follows:

  1. Lewis Hamilton (2.6)
  2. Sebastian Vettel (2.7)
  3. Nico Rosberg (4)
  4. Fernando Alonso (5.3)
  5. Kimi Räikkönen (6.4)
  6. Mark Webber (6.9)
  7. Felipe Massa (8.6)
  8. Romain Grosjean (9.2)
  9. Adrian Sutil (10)
  10. Daniel Ricciardo (10)

In terms of team-mates, Caterham have the smallest difference between their drivers’ starting positions (0.3). McLaren have a 0.6 difference while Williams have 1.1. The biggest difference can be seen at Sauber where there is a 5.4 gap.


Five drivers have a 100% classified finishes record: Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Sergio Perez, and Max Chilton. In terms of actually finishing races, however, only Räikkönen, Hamilton and Chilton have done the business. McLaren have the most classified finishes (20) while Toro Rosso have the least (14).  Marussia and Red Bull have the most actual finishes (18) while Toro Rosso again have the least (13).

Räikkönen is the only driver to have finished in the points at all ten races. Vettel, Hamilton, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso have finished outside the points on just one occasion each. Red Bull have the most points finishes (18) while Marussia and Caterham both have 0 points finishes.

The British Grand Prix saw the most drivers on the lead lap at the chequered flag (18) with the Canadian Grand Prix having just five drivers on the lead lap at the chequered flag. The Chinese Grand Prix saw eight different teams scoring points. The average for the season so far is six teams scoring per race.

The Bahrain Grand Prix had the most classified drivers (21) while the Monaco Grand Prix had the fewest (16). The Monaco Grand Prix also had the most retirements (7) with Bahrain having only one.


The Malaysian Grand Prix saw the most lead changes (11) but only had four different race leaders. Nico Rosberg led the Monaco Grand Prix lights to flag, leaving it with no lead changes and only one race leader – the lowest of the season. Bahrain, Canada and Britian had the same number of lead changes as there were leaders – four, two and three respectively.


Giedo van der Garde has had the most pit-stops in 2013 with a total of 32. Adrian Sutil has had only 19 pit-stops, but has had three retirements. Marussia have had the most pit-stops (57) while Force India have had 42.

The Spanish Grand Prix saw the most visits to the pit-lane (82), but only 80 of these were pit-stops. Nico Hulkenberg had a stop/go penalty while Pastor Maldonado had a drive-through. Monaco had the fewest visits to pit-lane (31) including a drive-through penalty for Max Chilton. Only the Australian Grand Prix, Malaysian Grand Prix and German Grand Prix have had no drive-through or stop/go penalties meaning every visit to pit-lane was for a stop.

Laps Completed

There have been 623 racing laps so far in 2013. Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton have both completed 622 of these laps. Adrian Sutil has completed fewest race laps (490). The biggest difference between team-mates is 94 laps between Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil. The smallest gap is 2 laps between Giedo van der Garde and Charles Pic.

Six drivers have completed over 600 laps so far in 2013: Räikkönen, Hamilton, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez and Max Chilton.

McLaren are the team who have overall completed most racing laps, having completed 1128 out of 1246. This means they have completed 98.6% of all racing laps so far in 2013. Red Bull are next up and have completed 1194 out of 1246 racing laps (95.8%). Sauber have completed fewest racing laps (1056)  but Nico Hulkenberg was unable to start the Australian Grand Prix, leaving the team at a disadvantage as they missed an entire race for one driver.

In terms of laps completed over the whole weeked – free practice, qualifying and race – Mercedes are top. Hamilton has completed a total of 1538 laps with team-mate Nico Rosberg next up with 1499. Jules Bianchi is the race driver who has completed fewest laps over the course of the weekend and season, with a total of 1239. Mercedes have completed a total of 3037 laps while Marussia have just 2604 in comparison.

Rodolfo Gonzalez has made most test driver appearances, driving for Marussia in free practice at four races. He has completed 66 laps so far. Heikki Kovalainen has had two outings for Caterham and completed 34 laps, while Alexander Rossi drove for Caterham once and completed 20 laps.

Vettel and Webber have three fastest laps each, meaning Red Bull have the most (6). Räikkönen, Perez, Gutierrez and Alonso have one fastest lap each.


Sebastian Vettel has had the most stable championship so far. He was third after the Australian Grand Prix and moved into first place after the Malaysian Grand Prix where has has remained since. Daniel Ricciardo and Pastor Maldonado have both been in six different championship positions. For Ricciardo it has been 19, 21, 11, 13, 12 and 14 while Maldonado has had 21, 22, 20, 17, 18, and 16. Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber have all only been in three championship positions so far in 2013. Räikkönen has been first, second and third; Hamilton has been fifth, fourth and third; while Webber has been sixth, third and fifth.

Safety Cars 

There have been five safety cars so far in 2013. Two at Monaco, two at the British Grand Prix and one at Germany.

So there we have it, some of the numbers from the season so far. There are nine races left in the season but who will come out on top? Keep up to date with the season statistics, updated after each race, here!


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