McLaren ’50 in 50′: Spirit of McLaren

The McLaren F1 Team today posted the following video on their Twitter page (@McLarenF1):

The premise of the video is Bruce McLaren’s iconic quote that “life is measured in achievement, and not in years alone”. The narrator announces that, no matter which dusty corner you leave them in, memories never leave. The video then takes a journey through the 50 years that have shaped McLaren – from Bruce McLaren forming his team to it becoming multi-championship winning. Eight drivers world championships and 12 constructors – as the team describes it: “50 years in the making”.

2013 has been a difficult season. No podiums, races with no points, fifth in the championship. It is not something the team, or its fans, are accustomed to. In the past ten years, McLaren have only finished outside the top three twice – once in 2007 (when they were excluded for Spygate) and 2004 when they finished fifth. From 1998 (the last time the team became constructors’ championships), they have finished second seven times and third five times. This team have a rich history of fighting at the front.

To mark their 50th anniversary, which was officially on September 3rd this year, the team have been celebrating in a number of ways. They are currently remembering their best races on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and have also been celebrating their most iconic cars. McLaren Group’s Ron Dennis, an integral player in their history, said on the anniversary:

“Call it McLaren’s DNA, if you like. Call it McLaren’s brand continuity, if you prefer. Call it McLaren’s corporate culture, if you will. Call it McLaren’s undiminished hunger to win in everything we do, and you’d probably be getting closest to what I mean, what I think, and what I feel.”

And that is the spirit of McLaren. Their desire to win and keep fighting, even in the face of adversary (like they are currently facing in 2013). He then went on to say:

“They were good times. It really was a feeling of ‘us against the world’ back then [in the 80s] – and I think that fighting spirit still manifests itself within the company today. We’re always ready to fight for what we believe in.”

Hard work, inspiration and enthusiasm. Three things that the McLaren team live and work by.

The video has been well received and you can get involved by tweeting with the hashtag #SpiritofMcLaren. Here’s to a return to winning ways and the next fifty years!


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