Season number ten for Red Bull = championship number five?

It’s hard to remember a time when Infiniti Red Bull Racing weren’t winning races.

Fresh off the back of their fourth constructors’ championship, what better to way to celebrate ten seasons in Formula One than a fifth world title next year.

With 2014 comes a host of regulation changes – including 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engines – which Adrian Newey and his team will no doubt have been working towards for some time now. With major regulation changes often comes a shift in the status quo. Teams can go from hero to zero just like that. Red Bull Racing went the other way in 2009, the last big regulation shake-up, becoming a regular contender (and winner) at the sharp end after being a lower mid-field runner for their first four seasons.

It’s not just the regulations that will change, however, as, following Mark Webber’s departure, World Champion Sebastian Vettel will be partnered by a different Aussie.

Daniel Ricciardo’s smile rarely falters and, with the speed he has demonstrated at Toro Rosso, he could have many more reasons to grin in 2014.

So, will they be celebrating ten seasons with a fifth championship? Only time will tell, but they’re well placed.


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