Pirelli to provide F1 tyres through to 2016

The FIA have confirmed that Pirelli will continue to supply tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship until 2016.

After much uncertainty, especially surrounding the lack of testing and the problems at the start of 2013 where a number of drivers suffered tyre blow-outs, it had looked like Pirelli might pull out of the sport. The new deal, however,  will see Pirelli continue as the sole supplier, supplying tyres for the next three years.

The new deal, which has come about following collaborations between the WMSC, Pirelli and F1 teams, includes new rules which will be mandatory from the 2014 season onwards.

With twelve days of pre-season testing available for teams, it has been agreed that one day will be dedicated exclusively to wet tyre testing. From 2014, in-season testing will also be re-introduced (having been banned for the past few years), and each team will dedicate one of their eight days to tyre testing. This means that every day of in-season testing will feature at least one team (or a maximum of two) working with Pirelli’s engineers on tyres.

As has been the case since they started supplying tyres to Formula One, Pirelli will continue to determine the specification of the tyres taken to each round and manage all aspects of their development.

In addition to the Formula One deal, Pirelli and the FIA have agreed to discuss a possible partnership on the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign.

Testing begins next week in Jerez, with teams then moving on to Bahrain for the second and final tests.


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