2014: Marussia unveil car and finally make test debut

After a delay which saw them miss Monday and Tuesday, Marussia have finally made their track debut with the MR03, and in doing so have revealed it to the world.

The car, whose conception started early in 2012, has a revised livery and yet another interpretation of the nose regulations. With just a handful of the 11,212 components which made up the MR02 being carried over, the extent of evolution has been huge.

“Through the course of 2012 we analysed every single element of the car – from the tip of the nose to the trailing edge of the rear wing – knowing just how radically different the MR03 would be under such sweeping Technical Regulations,” Chief Designer John McQuilliam said. “We have benefitted enormously from the stability of our design teams, with the same personnel beginning – and now concluding – the process over a 24 month period. I think we can feel justifiably proud of the way we have responded to such a significant challenge and the quality of car we have arrived at with the MR03.”

2014 will also see Marussia benefit from a brand new technical partnership with Ferrari – including the full powertrain. Marussia will also be supplied with an Internal Combustion Engine and ERS (Energy Recovery System), along with full transmission.

“We have nothing but good things to say about our new relationship with Scuderia Ferrari,” Team Principal John Booth said. “They are extremely professional and have been entirely supportive from the beginning. There is excellent co-operation between our two technical groups in all areas of the new relationship and this has made the considerable challenge of integrating a new powertrain a great deal easier.”

Having achieved their 2013 target of finishing tenth in the constructors’ championship, Marussia have chosen to continue with their line-up of Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi.

For more information on the new car, visit Marussia’s website.


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