2014 Hatwatch Update

Back in March 2012 I posted a post on this blog called Hats off to Fernando Alonso. It was just for fun, speculating on the possibility of a ‘hat-off’ between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen after the latter’s return to the sport. In that post I classified Raikkonen as the ‘pioneer’ of the snapback in Formula One. Little did I know at the time how much interest that post would garner, but two years on it remains one of the most read posts on the blog.

Two years later, the snapback cap is becoming much more prevalent in the Formula One paddock. When I wrote the original post back at the start of the 2012 season, there were three drivers sporting the flatter peak on their cap – Alonso, Raikkonen, and Daniel Ricciardo. Even with the same basic principle, the three drivers all seemed to have a different type of snapback, with Alonso’s definitely seeming to be the biggest.

Forward two years to the start of the 2014 season and there are now many more drivers modelling the look, so I thought I would produce a little update, using Twitter.

The Originals:

Alonso and Raikkonen now race for the same team and both have maintained their look:

Let’s not get into the matching sunglasses just let, that’s for another time…

Ricciardo’s seems to have a slightly ’rounder’ peak to it than last year’s version – leaning towards a traditional baseball cap like team-mate Sebastian Vettel, while maintaining the ‘snapback’ essence.

The Newbies:

Kamui Kobayashi posted a photo of his new cap

Similarly, this picture tweeted by Force India shows that Sergio Perez has also followed the trend

Lewis Hamilton’s version is available to buy from the Mercedes’ shop, however was out of stock at the time of writing

And Mercedes posted the traditional pre-season photograph, showing all 22 drivers and their caps in all their glory. There are two hat-less drivers in the photograph – rookie Marcus Ericsson and Lotus’ Romain Grosjean. Last season, Paul di Resta was the only real ‘hat-less’ driver, very rarely being spotted with one on. I may not be looking in the right place, but I have not yet seen a photograph of Ericsson with a cap on.

So, while snapbacks are infiltrating the F1 paddock, the majority very much still lies with the baseball cap but will any other drivers switch sides?


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