F1 2014 gets October release date

Codemasters has today announced plans for the next two editions of its award-winning series of Formula One games.

F1 2014 will be released on October 17th (21st in the Americas) for Xbox, PC and PlayStation 3. Codemasters will then introduce a new Formula One title in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. F1 2014 is the culmination of five years of experience developing officially licensed, award-winning Formula One video games and delivers fans the most accessible experience yet.

F1 2014 incorporates this season’s rule changes including new aerodynamic regulations and turbocharged power units. The turbocharges require greater throttle control than ever before and F1 2014 players will experience the dramatic effect in handling the world’s most advanced racing cars. The game also features all 19 races on this year’s calendar including the new Russian Grand Prix held at the Sochi Autodrome and the return of Austria’s Spielberg circuit which brings a classic track with dramatic changes in elevation back to the top level of motorsport after over a decade’s absence. This season also sees the return of the Hockenheimring and the Bahrain Grand Prix as a night race, transitioning from night to day.

F1 2014 also delivers a range of enhancements to create the most accessible Formula One game from Codemasters to date. A new driver evaluation system quickly identifies player ability and tunes game settings to an appropriate level, whilst re-graded difficulty settings enable players to compete at incrementally higher levels as they become more experienced. The new Very Easy difficulty level is the most accessible yet for new players and a range of shorter game modes and career options cater for absolute novices who simply want a fun and quick race. At the other end of the spectrum, experienced gamers who enjoy a more serious simulation of the demands placed upon F1 drivers can customise their settings to provide a true challenge. Expanded game modes, new career options and multiplayer modes extended by RaceNet further enhance F1 2014’s recreation of the world of F1 for long established fans and newcomers to the series.

“This is the year it all changes – for the sport and the game,” explained Stephen Hood, Creative Director for the F1 series at Codemasters. “There’s been a dramatic shift in the sport, the largest shake up in the rules and regulations for a very long time and the new power units provide a very different kind of challenge, for both driver and team. By delivering all of these changes, F1 2014 will make for an exciting and refreshingly different experience. Additionally, with the new driver evaluation system analysing each player’s skill level and suggesting appropriate game settings we aim to deliver a thoroughly rewarding F1 experience for players of all abilities, from the novice to the seasoned pro.”

In 2015, Codemasters will introduce a new F1 title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The title will launch earlier in the F1 season and players will receive digital updates for the game as the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship unfolds, enabling players to compete against the drivers and teams they watch week in and week out.

“Our title for the new generation formats will mark a huge step forward for the F1 series,” Hood continued. “We want to be out there earlier in the season and deliver new season conten updates digitally as the 2015 season progresses; it’s very exciting for the series and our players.”

With more to be announced through production for both titles, follow Codemasters F1 games blog and social channels on Twitter and Facebook for updates. The first gameplay video is now playing at www.youtube.com/formula1game.


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