Ferrari’s points streak comes to an end

Ferrari’s record breaking string of consecutive points finishes has come to an end.

Their run of 81 races beat the previous record – set by McLaren in 2013 – of 64 races with at least one car scoring points at every race on the calendar. McLaren’s run of points started at the start of the 2010 season and ended at the Canadian GP in 2013 when Jenson Button and Sergio Perez failed to score. The British Grand Prix in 2010 was the last occasion in which Ferrari left a race weekend picking up no points.

The team failed to score at this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix and it was the first time they have not had one car finish in the points since the 2010 British Grand Prix. Ferrari’s record run started at the 2010 German Grand Prix when Fernando Alonso won the race ahead of then team-mate Felipe Massa.

A disappointing race in Japan saw Ferrari come away with no points following a power failure on Alonso’s car and set-up problems and issues with the tyres for Kimi Raikkonen. “It was a real shame losing the opportunity to take part in this race because, with nothing to lose in terms of the championship, I could have taken a few more risks and maybe aimed for the podium,” Alonso said after the race. “I still don’t know what caused the unfortunate technical problem, only that suddenly, the car lost all its electrics, maybe down to a short circuit caused by the rain.” Raikkonen was similarly disappointed, even though he made it to the chequered flag. “Overall, this was a very disappointing weekend. I had set-up problems right from the first day and again today in the race I didn’t manage to drive the way I would have liked,” he revealed. “After the start behind the Safety Car, the track conditions were pretty atrocious and visibility was very poor, but my car was handling okay. Then, when the rain eased, I fitted the Intermediate tyres, but after a few laps, they were no longer up to temperature and they began to give me problems at the front end, which meant I had to slow down.”


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