Stuart Easton on pole for Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix

Three time Macau winner Stuart Easton will start tomorrow’s race from pole position.

Eight time winner Michael Rutter set the provisional pole time – 2:27.699 – in the first qualifying session on the Milwaukee Yamaha. Easton then closed the three tenth gap in the second qualifying session to go five tenths clear at the top of the times. He set his lap-time at the end of the session meaning his rivals had no response. Rutter’s eventual time of 2:26.478 was enough to secure him second, six tenths clear of Lee Johnston on the Pirtek Honda. Last year’s winner Ian Hutchinson will line up in fourth place with Jimmy Storrar in fifth, Horst Saiger sixth, Gary Johnson seventh and Martin Jessopp eighth. Rounding out the top ten are Steve Mercer and John McGuinness.

There was disappointment for newcomer Peter Hickman and Wilson Craig rider Jamie Hamilton after the pair came off in qualifying one accidents. Hickman came off his bike due to a water leak which in turn caused Hamilton to fall off too. It was a close call as Hickman was pulled over the wall just in time as Hamilton’s bike narrowly missed him. Thankfully both riders were O.K. however the same could not be said for the bikes and both riders will now miss the race due to not being able to repair or replace the damaged parts, namely the bike frames.

The grid following combined qualifying is as follows:

  1.  Stuart Easton 2:25.975 (Q2)
  2. Michael Rutter 2:26.478 (Q2) +0.503s
  3. Lee Johnston 2:27.096 (Q2) +1.121s
  4. Ian Hutchinson 2:28.285 (Q2) +2.310s
  5. Jimmy Storrar 2:28.506 (Q2) +2.531s
  6. Horst Saiger 2:28.920 (Q2) +2.945s
  7. Gary Johnson 2:28.952 (Q2) +2.977s
  8. Martin Jessopp 2:29.408 (Q2) +3.433s
  9. Steve Mercer 2:29.978 (Q2) +4.003s
  10. John McGuinness 2:29.986 (Q2) +4.011s
  11. Didier Grams 2:30.136 (Q2) +4.161s
  12. Daniel Cooper 2:30.741 (Q2) +4.766s
  13. Stephen Thompson 2:31.015 (Q2) +5.040s
  14. Roman Stamm 2:31.189 (Q2) +5.214s
  15. Jamie Hamilton* 2:31.494 (Q1) +5.519s
  16. Peter Hickman* 2:31.952 (Q1) +5.977s
  17. Marc Fissette 2:32.430 (Q2) +6.455s
  18. Brian McCormack 2:32.509 (Q2) +6.534s
  19. AJ Venter 2:32.516 (Q2) +6.541s
  20. James McBride 2:32.872 (Q2) +6.897s
  21. Paul Shoesmith 2:33.059 (Q2) +7.084s
  22. Steve Heneghan 2:34.065 (Q2) +8.090s
  23. Mark Miller 2:34.138 (Q2) +8.163s
  24. Davy Morgan 2:35.201 (Q2) +9.226s
  25. Brandon Cretu 2:35.407 (Q2) +9.432s
  26. Sandor Bitter 2:36.177 (Q2) +10.202s
  27. Graham English 2:36.262 (Q2) +10.287s
  28. Nuno Caetano 2:37.563 (Q2) +11.588s
  29. Andre Pires 2:38.300 (Q1) +12.325s
  30. Michael Sweeney 2:38.375 (Q1) +12.400s
  31. Dan Kruger 2:38.865 (Q1) +12.890s

The race will be broadcast live tomorrow morning from 7.30am on BT Sport and Eurosport.


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