Isle of Man TT Superbike start numbers revealed

The start numbers for the Superbike and Senior TT races have been revealed.

John McGuinness will lead the riders away followed by James Hillier and Michael Dunlop. The top twenty is as follows:

  1. John McGuinness
  2. James Hillier
  3. Michael Dunlop
  4. Michael Rutter
  5. Bruce Anstey
  6. William Dunlop
  7. Gary Johnson
  8. Guy Martin
  9. Ian Hutchinson
  10. Conor Cummins
  11. Dean Harrison
  12. Keith Amor
  13. Lee Johnston
  14. Ryan Farquhar
  15. Dan Kneen
  16. David Johnson
  17. Peter Hickman
  18. Dan Stewart
  19. Cameron Donald
  20. Steve Mercer

There are also a number of impressive riders just outside the top twenty with the race consisting 72 starting places.

The official launch for the 2015 TT has been set for Tuesday 17th March. It will take place on the Isle of Man at the Villa Marina. The event will be hosted by James Whitham and Steve Parrish and a number of riders will be present.

Michael Dunlop and John McGuinness will both be there and both will have a lot to talk about. Dunlop has made the switch to factory backed Milwaukee Yamaha while McGuinness is back to full fitness following a wrist injury which hampered him last year. Also in attendance will be William Dunlop, Gary Johnson, Dean Harrison, Bruce Anstey and home favourite Conor Cummins.

The sidecar class will also be well represented. 2014 race winner Dave Molyneux will be there with new passenger Ben Binns. Other 2014 winner Conrad Harrison will also be there with his passenger Mike Aylott, and they will be joined by the Birchall brother, Tim Reeves & Patrick Farrance, and John Holden.

Along with the experienced and successful TT riders, newcomers Robbin Harms and Derek McGee will be there along with last year’s best – and the fastest ever – newcomer Peter Hickman.

There will be a live stream on the TT’s Official YouTube channel for fans who are unable to attend. There will also be an opportunity to tweet your questions to the riders via  @iom_tt.


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