2015: Oliver’s Mount Spring Cup Podium Results

Podium results from the Spring Cup at Oliver’s Mount.


  1. Ivan Lintin
  2. Lee Johnston +0.487s
  3. Dean Harrison +3.015s


  1. Seamus Elliott
  2. Darren Cooper +5.003s
  3. Frank Gallagher +8.795s


First leg

  1. Alistair Haworth
  2. Seamus Elliott +8.561s
  3. Paul Owen +9.003s

Second leg 

  1. Alistair Haworth
  2. Nick Anderson +9.251s
  3. Seamus Elliott +20.552s

Super Lightweight

First leg

  1. James Cowton
  2. Ivan Lintin +6.533s
  3. Ryan Farquhar +10.286s

Second leg

  1. Ivan Lintin
  2. Ryan Farquhar +5.950s
  3. James Cowton +10.177s

National F2 Sidecars

First leg

  1. Molyneux/Binns
  2. Harrison/Patterson +16.541s
  3. Ramsden/Ramsden +27.688s

Second leg

  1. Harrison/Patterson
  2. Thirkell/Kilkenny +43.901s
  3. Crawford/Capewell +44.341s

Spring Cup

A – First Leg

  1. Guy Martin
  2. Ryan Farquhar +3.496s
  3. Ivan Lintin +6.727s

B – First Leg

  1. Davy Morgan
  2. Allen Bonner +1.698s
  3. Paul Gartland +13.189s

A – Second Leg

  1. Daley Mathison
  2. Tom Weeden +7.872s
  3. Ivan Lintin +17.922s

Ian Watson Cup 

  1. Guy Martin
  2. Ivan Lintin +3.937s
  3. Dean Harrison +4.693s

Classic F1 & F2

  1. Ryan Farquhar
  2. Jamie Coward +6.666s
  3. David Bell +9.440s


  1. Dean Harrison
  2. Guy Martin +2.533s
  3. Lee Johnston +3.460s

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