Two out of two for the Birchall brothers

Following their impressive win in Monday’s Sidecar race, the Birchall brothers did it again on Wednesday.

Ben and Tom Birchall took the lead at the start of the race and never looked back, breaking the race time record yet again on their way to victory. Dave Molyneux and Benjamin Binns were second with John Holden and Dan Sayle picking up another podium in third place.

At the start of the first lap, the Birchall brothers eked out a two second advantage over Holden and Sayle with Molyneux and Binns in third place. The partnership of Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance was fourth with Conrad Harrison and Mike Aylott in fifth. Reeves and Farrance ended up being an early retirement, having also retired from the first Sidecar race when they pulled off at Barregow. Gary Bryan and Jamie Winn also retired at the end of lap one.

On the second lap of the race the top three teams set 116mph laps, edging closer to the lap record set by Nick Crowe and Dan Sayle in 2007. The existing lap record of 116.667mph was broken by the Birchall brothers on the third and final lap  with a 116.783mph lap time. They didn’t hold the record for long, however, when Molyneux and Binns went marginally faster with a 116.785mph lap.

It is the third win for Ben and Tom Birchall around the TT course and their second of the week. Behind the top three, Monday’s podium finishers Harrison and Aylott finished in fourth with Ian and Carl Bell coming home fifth. Matt Dix and Shaun Parker were sixth with the Wayne Lockey & Mark Sayers, Steve Ramsden & Matty Ramsden, Robert Handcock & Aki Aalto, and Tony Baker & Fiona Baker-Milligan rounding out the top ten.


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