Elimination qualifying gets go ahead for Australian Grand Prix

The FIA has confirmed that the controversial new elimination qualifying style will go ahead at the Australian Grand Prix.

Updated 2016 regulations published today included details for the new style of qualifying. It had initially been approved but then concerns over software meant it looked like it may be delayed until the start of the European season.

The new regulations will see drivers eliminated throughout the three sessions rather than waiting until the end. Q1 will see all 22 cars take to the track and after the first seven minutes the slowest driver will be eliminated. They will have to return to the pits immediately and will take no further part in qualifying. Then a driver will be eliminated every minute and a half until just 16 are left. At the end of the 16 minutes drivers will be allowed to complete the lap they are on and then the slowest driver gets eliminated leaving 15 to go through to Q2.

Q2 will take the same format with the first elimation taking place after six minutes. Eight drivers will then remain going into Q3. The first elimination will take place after five minutes and will continue until just two drivers are left to go head to head for pole position.

Drivers will then line up on the grid in the order they were eliminated, for example the last driver eliminated in Q1 will start 16th with the first eliminated driver in 22nd.


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