Guy Martin completes World Record attempt on Wall of Death

Guy Martin completes World Record attempt on Wall of Death

Guy Martin has set an official new Guinness World Record for speed on a Wall of Death.

The world record attempt was broadcast live on Channel 4 with Martin taking two runs. As there was no existing official record, Guinness World Records set a speed of 60mph for Martin to beat.

“We love a challenge,” he said in the build up to his first attempt. “The bigger the challenge the better! We’ve done a little bit of practice but I’m still going into the unknown – I am the limiting factor to all this.”

In his first go Martin went marginally over 60mph, already breaking the record although not officially confirmed. After a brief break and a word with his mentor Ken Fox, Martin went for another shorter run – this time reaching speeds of 70mph! He reached forces of just over 5G. It was later confirmed in the show that he had set an official World Record but still with a second run to go.

The record attempt has been in the pipeline for nearly two years, with a purpose built Wall of Death being constructed, measuring 60m in diameter. Martin has been undertaking training in order to prepare him for the extreme G-forces he would face. He had been due to attempt the Wall of Death at the end of last year but a crash in the Dundrod 150 Superbike race put paid to that.

Martin’s second run took part on a bike he had built himself. He built up his speed going at 60mph and 70mph before one more chat with Ken Fox. On his next run he peaked at 78mph, extending his record by eight mph. Martin decided to go for one more attempt but couldn’t beat 78mph. The official World Record now stands at 78.150mph.

Guy Martin in action at the 2015 Cookstown 100 © The H Duct

Martin has decided to focus on the Tour Divide this year – a mountain bike race in America – meaning he will miss the opening races of the road racing season. He will not appear at the first two Internationals – the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT – amongst other national events,  but is expected to appear in the latter half of the season.


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