TT Superbike start numbers revealed

The start numbers for the Superbike and Senior TT races at this year’s Isle of Man TT have been revealed.

John McGuinness will once again lead the riders away. Last year he raced to victory in the Senior TT as well as setting a new outright lap record of 132.701mph. He will be followed by Bruce Anstey, who has previously started at number 5 for a number of years.

The top twenty riders are as follows:

  1. John McGuinness
  2. Bruce Anstey
  3. James Hillier
  4. Ian Hutchinson
  5. Peter Hickman
  6. Michael Dunlop
  7. Gary Johnson
  8. William Dunlop
  9. Michael Rutter
  10. Conor Cummins
  11. Cameron Donald
  12. Dean Harrison
  13. Lee Johnston
  14. Dan Kneen
  15. David Johnson
  16. Ryan Farquhar
  17. Dan Stewart
  18. Martin Jessopp
  19. Steve Mercer
  20. Ivan Lintin

Last year’s three time winner Ian Hutchinson will ride for Tyco BMW this year and get away fourth in the order. This is the number from which he started in 2010 when he took five race victories.



Peter Hickman – the fastest ever newcomer when he made his debut in 2014 – will be hoping to take his first TT victory as he moves up to start fifth, having started from number 17 last year. He will be just ahead of Michael Dunlop.

Gary Johnson leaves from number seven ahead of William Dunlop, Michael Rutter and Conor Cummins. A return to Wilson Craig Racing sees Cameron Donald start from number 11, with the competitive trio of Dean Harrison, Lee Johnston and Dan Kneen starting 12, 13 and 14 respectively. David Johnson rounds out the top 15 starters with Ryan Farquhar leaving from number 16 on the second Tyco BMW. The top 20 starters will be completed by Dan Stewart, Martin Jessopp, and Ivan Lintin.

There are also a number of impressive riders just outside the top twenty including Alan Bonner, Dan Cooper and Horst Saiger. Last year’s best newcomer Derek McGee is also back along with Jamie Coward, James Cowton and Stefano Bonetti. Eight newcomers will make their debut at this year’s event including Ben Wilson, Victor Cox and Seamus Elliott. They will be joined by Michael Booth, Alessandro Polita, Andres Pires, Forest Dunn, and Jochem van den Hoek.






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