Revised race schedule confirmed for Saturday at North West 200

Revised race schedule confirmed for Saturday at North West 200

A revised schedule has been confirmed for Saturday at this year’s North West 200.

Three races were due to take part on Thursday evening and the Supersport race ran without a hitch. Alistair Seeley was the winner meaning he is now the most successful rider around the Triangle circuit.

The Supertwin race was red flagged twice – the first time because of a fire and the second time because of an accident. A fire broke out at a property at Station Corner leading to a delay as fire engines attended the scene. The race was restarted and was to be run over the full race distance but was red flagged on the final lap. An accident between Ryan Farquhar and Dan Cooper – who had swapped the lead throughout the race – brought out the red flags and the race was not restarted.

Due to the setting sun race organisers called off the Superstock race and it has been added to the schedule for Saturday.

The race schedule will now be as follows:

  • Race 1: Supersport race
  • Race 2: Spidi Superstock race (from Thursday night)
  • Race 3: Anchor Bar Superbike race
  • Race 4: John M Paterson Supertwin race
  • Race 5: CP Hire Superstock race
  • Race 6: Vauxhall NW200 Superbike race

Regulations stipulate that competitors may not take part in any more than five races in a day. This means that some riders, who are entered in all four classes, will have to sit out one race.

Updates on the conditions of the injured riders can be found at the North West 200 Facebook page.IMG_6281


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