F1 2016: Monaco Grand Prix Tyre Choices

Tyre choices for the Monaco Grand Prix are as follows:

DRIVER Soft Supersoft Ultrasoft
Lewis Hamilton 1 2 10
Nico Rosberg 1 2 10
Sebastian Vettel 2 2 9
Kimi Raikkonen 2 2 9
Valtteri Bottas 2 4 7
Felipe Massa 2 4 7
Daniel Ricciardo 1 2 10
Max Verstappen 1 2 10
Kevin Magnussen 1 2 10
Jolyon Palmer 1 3 9
Nico Hulkenberg 3 3 7
Sergio Perez 3 3 7
Daniil Kvyat 3 3 7
Carlos Sainz 3 3 7
Fernando Alonso 1 5 7
Jenson Button 1 5 7
Marcus Ericsson 1 4 8
Felipe Nasr 1 4 8
Pascal Wehrlein 2 5 6
Rio Haryanto 2 5 6
Romain Grosjean 1 3 9
Esteban Gutierrez 1 3 9

Following the hard compound debuting for the year at the Spanish Grand Prix, another tyre compound gets its debut at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Ultrasoft tyre is an all new compound from Pirelli and has been favoured heavily by most teams on the grid. While the Ultrasoft tyre is the compound with the most sets for all teams, the split between the other compounds vary.

Mercedes, Red Bull and Kevin Magnussen have all opted for 10 sets of Ultrasofts, two Supersoft sets and just one set of the Soft tyre. Ferrari have gone for two, two, nine for Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft. Jolyon Palmer and the Haas drivers have chosen just one set of Softs but three Supersofts and nine Ultrasofts. Both Williams drivers have selected four sets of the Supersofts with two Softs and seven Ultrasofts.

Force India and Toro Rosso have gone three, three, seven in terms of Softs, Supersofts and Ultrasofts, leaving just McLaren, Manor and Sauber with different strategies.

At McLaren their drivers have chosen to bring one set of Soft, five of the Supersoft and seven sets of Ultrasoft. Sauber also have one set of softs for each driver but four Supersoft and eight Ultrasoft.

The Manor team have split their choices between Supersoft and Ultrasoft a bit more evenly. Each driver will have two sets of Softs available, five Supersoft and six Ultrasoft.


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