Ian Hutchinson draws level with Mike Hailwood at TT

Ian Hutchinson has drawn level with Mike Hailwood in terms of overall wins at the Isle of Man TT.

Win number 12 came in the first Supersport race, where he was victorious over Dean Harrison and James Hillier. He was joined on the podium by the same two riders in the Superstock race that same day giving him win number 13.

The Team Traction Control rider proved to be untouchable once again in the second Supersport race as he raced to victory, 17.5 seconds clear of second placed rider Michael Dunlop. Dunlop had finished second in the first Supersport race before being disqualified for a technical infringement. Dean Harrison secured his third podium of the week.

While Monday’s race had seen Hutchinson romp away on the first lap, Dunlop kept him honest this time out on lap one. The gap started at six tenths at Glen Helen but was eked out to four seconds by the end of the first lap. Pit-stops came at the end of the second lap where Hutchinson’s advantage had risen to just over seven seconds. He continued to pull away with Dunlop unable to close the gap which had formed.

Harrison held onto third from the first lap, holding off Bruce Anstey and then Hillier. Hillier eventually finished ahead of Anstey in fourth, with the Kiwi rider in fifth and Lee Johnston sixth. Conor Cummins was seventh for Padgetts with Peter Hickman sixth having suffered two DNFs on Monday. Gary Johnson and Michael Rutter rounded out the top ten finishers. Mike Booth was the leading newcomer, finishing 43rd.

William Dunlop withdrew from the race due to the injuries sustained in a practice crash. Struggling with back and wrist pain, the Ballymoney rider had suggested he wanted to save himself for Friday’s Senior. Amongst the non finishers were Colin Stephenson, Hudson Kennaugh and Cameron Donald. John McGuinness, Davy Morgan, Horst Saiger and Dave Hewson were other retirements from the race. Following the commencement of the race it was announced that Joseph Newbould had been involved in an incident and was airmed to Nobles with suspected ankle and wrist injuries.

Hutchinson’s victory was win number 14 drawing him level with Mike Hailwood.


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