Pirelli to continue as sole F1 tyre supplier until at least 2019

Pirelli will continue as Formula One’s sole tyre supplier until at least 2019, it has been confirmed.

The deal was initially completed during the winter – but had not been formalised – when the FIA and Pirelli agreed major changes to the technical regulations for 2017. This includes the introduction of wider tyres.

In order to prepare for the changes Pirelli had put forward the need to modify the sporting regulations regarding tyre testing. As a result they will be able to carry out tests with 2012, 2013 and 2014 specification cars using ‘prototype elements’ in order to prepare for next season.

They will also be allowed a total of 25 days of testing with modified 2015 cars. For this test prototype tyres in 2017 size will be used.

While the first type of testing- prototype elements with current sized tyres – is currently underway, the second type is due to start in the summer. A testing programme has been agreed between the FIA and participating teams.



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