Snetterton 300

My Snetterton Experience

by Jonny Moore

This year I attended my first BTCC event and it was at the Snetterton 300 track.  I did not know what to expect apart from a lot of action which ITV have shown live for several years.  All I can say is I was not disappointed.

I was expecting the paddock to have limited access but I was pleasantly surprised as you could walk around the back of the garages and see the cars being worked on.  It was also a good time to meet the drivers and get the autograph section in the programme filled in!!

One of the highlights of my weekend was getting to meet Rob Collard – my favourite driver in the series!! Depending on when you catch them, the drivers are mostly very willing to chat and so I got a good chance to talk to Rob about the t-shirt I was wearing (which had his car on it) and other things. It is not every day you get the chance to chat with drivers racing in a top series such as the British Touring Cars. I had previously met Matt Neal at the North West 200, a local motorcycle road race in Northern Ireland held on a street circuit, and he had had a bit of an off while completing a parade lap. I asked if he would like to come back and he laughed and said he would like to complete a full lap next time.

On Saturday it was a quieter day so we were able to move around different viewing areas easily. We started off on the pit straight just after the final corner (Murrays) and witnessed the fire on Gordon Shedden’s car. This was my first up close and personal experience of a British Touring Car and it was certainly a moment to remember!! We also watched from the top of Agostini and this was brilliant as you could see most of, if not all, the track and could follow a car around. Obviously on race day this was a much busier area so you would have to go to the top early on in the day if you wanted to watch from there, but on the Saturday it was easy to come and go. We watched some of the racing from the viewing bank between Palmer and Agostini and it was also a good position and I enjoyed watching the cars going down the Bentley Straight from the viewing area beside it.

I attended the weekend with two people who have been to Snetterton before so it wasn’t difficult finding my way around, but I think that even if it was your first time there, it would still be easy to navigate and get around. I really enjoyed my first BTCC experience and can’t wait to go again!!

Race one

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