2015: The Chinese Grand Prix in Numbers

Statistics from the Chinese Grand Prix weekend

Total number of laps completed (by driver)

Kimi Raikkonen 151
Max Verstappen 145
Marcus Ericsson 145
Nico Rosberg 140
Sebastian Vettel 138
Carlos Sainz 137
Valtteri Bottas 136
Lewis Hamilton 135
Felipe Nasr 135
Pastor Maldonado 131
Sergio Perez 128
Daniel Ricciardo 127
Jenson Button 125
Romain Grosjean 122
Roberto Merhi 118
Felipe Massa 112
Fernando Alonso 111
Will Stevens 101
Daniil Kvyat 76
Nico Hulkenberg 76
Jolyon Palmer 25

Total number of laps completed (by team)

Ferrari 289
Toro Rosso 282
Sauber 280
Lotus 278
Mercedes 275
Williams 248
McLaren 236
Manor 219
Force India 204
Red Bull 203

Total number of laps completed (by engine manufacturer)

Mercedes (4 teams) 1005
Ferrari (3 teams) 788
Renault (2 teams) 485
Honda (1 team) 236

Number of race laps: 56
Number of safety cars: 1
Number of race starters: 20
Number of times race lead changed hands (includes pole sitter): 4
Number of different race leaders (excludes pole sitter if lead changes off the line): 3
Number of classified drivers: 17
Number of retirements: 4
Number of drivers on lead lap at chequered flag: 9
Number of teams scoring points: 6
Most places gained: Fernando Alonso 6 (18th – 12th)
Number of visits to pit-lane: 39
…of which were pit-stops: 38
Stop/go penalties (added to pit-stop): 0
Drive through penalties: 0
Retirements in pit-lane: 1
Fastest lap: Lewis Hamilton 1:42.208

Business as usual for Mercedes as Lewis Hamilton leads home 1-2 in China

Lewis Hamilton has won the Chinese Grand Prix leading home another Mercedes 1-2 on the way. The race ended behind the safety car following Max Verstappen’s retirement on the pit straight with just two laps remaining. Sebastian Vettel rounded off the podium positions meaning that it has been Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Vettel on all three podiums so far this year.

Hamilton took an aggressive approach to the start of the race, angling himself on his grid slot to ensure he stayed ahead of Rosberg. He maintained the lead off the line with Vettel remaining in third. Kimi Raikkonen leap frogged both Williams drivers at the start, slotting into fourth behind his team-mate. Daniel Ricciardo did not enjoy such a good start, bogging down as he moved off the line. He dropped down to 17th and ended up amongst the McLaren drivers. Ricciardo then encountered a Groundhog Day type situation as he fought with Marcus Ericsson for position later in the race. He passed the Sauber driver at least twice before quickly losing the position again. He eventually made it stick and went on to fight with Ericsson’s team-mate Felipe Nasr for position.  It was not the most positive of days for Red Bull or Toro Rosso with one driver from each team retiring. Both Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen had a smoky end to their races as both their engines let go. Verstappen’s retirement came not long from the end – bringing out the late safety car – meaning he was still classified. Carlos Sainz nearly ended up on the sidelines as well following a gearbox issue but he was able to get going again.

Another retirement from the race was Nico Hulkenberg who had a gearbox problem early on, causing him to pull off at the side of the track. Pastor Maldonado also retired following an exciting race for him. He locked up on entry to the pit-lane but was able to get going again, later going on to have a spin. He then got involved in a feisty battle with Jenson Button and the pair made contact at Turn 1, allowing Button’s team-mate Fernando Alonso to pass them both. The incident was Button’s fault and Maldonado eventually retired following his adventures. Rear brake failure was the reason for his retirement.

At the front of the pack Vettel attempted to get the undercut by pitting before both Mercedes but ultimately it did not work. Raikkonen was frustrated by backmarkers – complaining over team radio for his team to get the slower cars out of the way. It would have been a frustrating moment for Alonso who was lapped by his former team-mate. Eventually Hamilton won under the safety car with his advantage wiped out, just ahead of Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. Valtteri Bottas, Romain Grosjean, Nasr, Ricciardo and Ericsson rounded out the points finishers. It was Lotus’ first points of the season and they were unlucky to miss out on Maldonado also picking up points following his retirement. McLaren got both cars to the end but Button faces a post race investigation for his collision with Maldonado. Sergio Perez finished just outside the points in 11th, being the only driver to use a three stop strategy. Both Manor cars also made the chequered flag although Roberto Merhi found himself under investigation after the race after failing to stay within the Safety Car delta time.

There was drama post race when the Mercedes duo failed to agree over an incident in the race. Rosberg had complained about Hamilton going too slowly and backing him into Vettel. Hamilton’s reply in the post race press conference was that it was not his responsibility to look after Rosberg’s race. The Mercedes animosity is no doubt set to rumble on as the pair go head to head once again for the title with Hamilton clearly having the upper hand at the early stage of the season.

There’s a quick turnaround following this weekend with teams and drivers travelling to Bahrain for the race next weekend.

Both Button and Merhi received five second penalties and two penalty points following investigations.

The Malaysia Grand Prix in Numbers

Statistics from the Malaysia Grand Prix weekend

Total number of laps completed (by driver)

Max Verstappen 143
Carlos Sainz 140
Valtteri Bottas 139
Felipe Massa 137
Nico Rosberg 128
Sebastian Vettel 124
Nico Hulkenberg 120
Daniil Kvyat 120
Sergio Perez 119
Kimi Raikkonen 118
Daniel Ricciardo 113
Pastor Maldonado 110
Felipe Nasr 110
Romain Grosjean 110
Jenson Button 105
Lewis Hamilton 99
Fernando Alonso 87
Marcus Ericsson 86
Roberto Merhi 83
Will Stevens 26
Raffaele Marciello 13

Total number of laps completed (by team)

Toro Rosso 283
Williams 276
Ferrari 242
Force India 239
Red Bull 233
Mercedes 227
Lotus 220
Sauber 209
McLaren 192
Manor 109

Total number of laps completed (by engine manufacturer)

Mercedes (4 teams) 962
Ferrari (3 teams) 560
Renault (2 teams) 516
Honda (1 team) 192

Number of race laps: 56
Number of safety cars: 1
Number of race starters: 19
Number of times race lead changed hands (includes pole sitter): 5
Number of different race leaders (excludes pole sitter if lead changes off the line): 2
Number of classified drivers: 15
Number of retirements: 4
Number of drivers on lead lap at chequered flag: 7
Number of teams scoring points: 5
Most places gained: Kimi Raikkonen 7 (11th – 4th) and Carlos Sainz 7 (15th – 8th)
Number of visits to pit-lane: 53
…of which were pit-stops: 50
Stop/go penalties (added to pit-stop): 3
Drive through penalties: 0
Retirements in pit-lane: 3
Fastest lap: Nico Rosberg 1:42.062

Maiden win with Ferrari for Sebastian Vettel in Malaysia

Sebastian Vettel has won the Malaysia Grand Prix beating the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Vettel was one of only a few drivers who opted for a two stop strategy while most others went for three. He also stayed out during an early safety car while Mercedes stacked their cars in the pit-lane. The safety car was deployed due to a mistake made by Marcus Ericsson which saw him beached at Turn 1. He became the first retirement of the race and was later joined on the side lines by Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, and Pastor Maldonado. Both McLarens retired due to power unit problems – Alonso on lap 22 and Button on lap 43.

19 drivers started the race with Manor’s Will Stevens forced to sit out due to a fuel pump problem which also forced him to sit out qualifying. His team-mate Roberto Merhi made his first F1 Grand Prix start and he made it to the end of the race, albeit three laps down. Also finishing outside the points were the Force India duo of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. Both drivers picked up ten second stop/go penalties during the race for separate incidents. Hulkenberg made contact with Daniil Kvyat while Perez made contact with Romain Grosjean. It was another disappointing afternoon for Lotus who failed to get either car to the chequered flag in Australia. Maldonado retired with just nine laps left. Grosjean did finish but outside the points.

Up at the front Vettel finished 8.5 seconds ahead of Hamilton who in turn was 3.7 seconds ahead of Rosberg. Kimi Raikkonen recovered from an early puncture – caused by Felipe  Nasr who finished 12th – to finish an impressive fourth. Valtteri Bottas completed a late pass on team-mate Felipe Massa after the pair had made contact to finish fifth. Max Verstappen took his first F1 points with a seventh place finish, finishing ahead of team-mate Carlos Sainz. The Toro Rosso pairing finished ahead of both Red Bull drivers who rounded out the top ten. Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo were both lapped by Vettel.

2015: The Australian Grand Prix in Numbers

Statistics from the Australian Grand Prix weekend

Total number of laps completed (by driver)

Carlos Sainz 171
Sergio Perez 141
Nico Hulkenberg 134
Nico Rosberg 134
Felipe Nasr 132
Sebastian Vettel 129
Lewis Hamilton 129
Kimi Raikkonen 117
Felipe Massa 116
Jenson Button 103
Marcus Ericsson 102
Max Verstappen 100
Daniel Ricciardo 98
Valtteri Bottas 82
Romain Grosjean 74
Pastor Maldonado 68
Daniil Kvyat 60
Kevin Magnussen 33
Will Stevens 0
Roberto Merhi 0

Total number of laps completed (by team)

Force India 275
Toro Rosso 271
Mercedes 263
Ferrari 246
Sauber 234
Williams 198
Red Bull 158
Lotus 142
McLaren 136
Manor 0

Total number of laps completed (by engine manufacturer)

Mercedes (4 teams) 878
Ferrari (3 teams) 480
Renault (2 teams) 429
Honda (1 team) 136

Number of race laps: 58
Number of safety cars: 1
Number of race starters: 15
Number of times race lead changed hands (includes pole sitter): 2
Number of different race leaders (excludes pole sitter if lead changes off the line): 2
Number of classified drivers: 11
Number of retirements: 4
Number of drivers on lead lap at chequered flag: 5
Number of teams scoring points: 7
Most places gained: Marcus Ericsson 7 (15th – 8th)
Number of visits to pit-lane: 18
…of which were pit-stops: 17
Stop/go penalties (added to pit-stop): 0
Drive through penalties: 0
Retirements in pit-lane: 1
Fastest lap: Daniel Ricciardo 1:30.945 on lap 50

Clean sweep for Mercedes in Australia as Lewis Hamilton wins first race of the season

Lewis Hamilton has won the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. He beat team-mate Nico Rosberg and Ferrari’s new recruit Sebastian Vettel to get his title defence off to the best possible start.

Hamilton started from pole position and only lost the lead in the pit-stop phases. This comes after Mercedes were fastest in all three practice sessions as well. They secured a front row lock-out on a much depleted grid which, by the race start, featured just 15 cars. The day started with Valtteri Bottas being declared unfit to race after he failed a part of the extraction test due to a back injury. Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat both stopped on the way to the grid after Magnussen’s engine gave up and Kvyat lost fifth gear.

Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Marcus Ericsson started the race on medium tyres while everyone else started on the soft compound. A safety car was deployed on the first lap following a collision which resulted in Pastor Maldonado’s car ending up in the barriers. There was contact between the Ferrari drivers and Felipe Nasr was squeezed, causing Maldonado to get tagged and be sent into a spin. Lotus had had a positive qualifying session but their race came to an end after just a lap when Romain Grosjean also had to retire. His race ended due to a loss of power. The safety car remained on track for three laps and then racing got going again.

The Mercedes duo unsurprisingly pulled away from the rest of the grid, eventually finishing 33 seconds clear of Ferrari in third. Just five drivers finished on the lead lap including impressive rookie Nasr. Williams’ sole representative Felipe Massa finished fourth after starting the race in third. Daniel Ricciardo finished a distant sixth for Red Bull – a lap down – ahead of Nico Hulkenberg, Ericsson, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Jenson Button. There were some sticky wheel nuts in the pit-stop which cost drivers such as Raikkonen, Sainz, and Perez time. Raikkonen eventually retired due to a tyre which was not fitted correctly. Perez had a difficult race – overtaking Ericsson under the safety car, colliding with Button, and his slow stop – but recovered to score one point. McLaren had a positive afternoon to finish the race, albeit two laps down. Expectations were already low at the team and this was further compounded by Magnussen’s car expiring before racing. Verstappen pulled over to retire at the pit entrance due to an engine failure.

Mercedes’ pace was an ominous sign for the rest of the grid as Hamilton also set the fastest lap on his way to winning the race. The pair were once again in a race of their own. Behind them it looks like Ferrari have leapfrogged Williams, although the latter only had one driver on the grid today. There were impressive debuts for all three rookies – in particular Nasr – but disappointment eventually for Verstappen. It was an odd day for Formula One with so many drivers dropping out before the lights went out. Hopefully Manor will be able to run in Malaysia and there will be a fuller grid in two weeks time, with Fernando Alonso also set to return.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in Numbers

Statistics from the season finale in Abu Dhabi

Total number of laps completed (by driver)

Nico Rosberg 154
Sebastian Vettel 154
Esteban Gutierrez 152
Lewis Hamilton 151
Sergio Perez 149
Jean-Eric Vergne 143
Nico Hulkenberg 141
Kevin Magnussen 141
Kimi Raikkonen 140
Daniel Ricciardo 136
Valtteri Bottas 134
Felipe Massa 134
Will Stevens 131
Kamui Kobayashi 127
Adrian Sutil 127
Jenson Button 124
Daniil Kvyat 122
Pastor Maldonado 120
Romain Grosjean 115
Fernando Alonso 106
Esteban Ocon 29
Adderly Fong 29

Total number of laps completed (by team)

Mercedes 305
Sauber 304
Red Bull 290
Force India 290
Lotus 287
Williams 268
Toro Rosso 265
McLaren 265
Ferrari 246
Caterham 127

Number of race laps: 55
Number of safety cars: 0
Number of race starters: 20
Number of times race lead changed hands (includes pole sitter): 6
Number of different race leaders (excludes pole sitter if lead changes off the line): 3
Number of classified drivers: 17
Number of retirements: 3
Number of drivers on lead lap at chequered flag: 12
Number of teams scoring points: 6
Most places gained: 14 (Daniel Ricciardo 20th (pit-lane) – 4th)
Number of visits to pit-lane: 43
…of which were pit-stops: 41
Stop/go penalties (added to pit-stop): 1
Drive through penalties: 1
Retirements in pit-lane: 1
Fastest lap: Daniel Ricciardo 1:44.496 on lap 50