Scrutineering – The technical checking of cars by the officials to ensure that none are outside the regulations.

Race weekends in any motorsport generally throw up a lot of questions, controversial moments, and surprising results. Very rarely will you have a dull weekend. Yes, races can be unexciting but that does not mean that there is nothing to talk about both on-track and off-track. There are plenty of platforms for you to voice your opinion on – Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, forums etc. And this is now another one. Every Tuesday Scrutineering will focus on one particular team or driver, or key personnel in motorsport, incorporating views from fans and those with opinions in order to take a closer look (i.e. scrutineering). This could be a driver who has performed particularly well in a race, or it may be completely unrelated to the race weekend just past. Of course, as it is a weekly feature it may not be related to any race weekend at all.

Another thing of note is, while The H Duct does focus primarily on Formula One and British Touring Cars, this feature is not exclusive to the two. So, I want to hear from you! Are you a fan of whoever it is? What is it you like about them? What do you think of their season so far? Your answers don’t have to be question specific – you can share any opinions of them you want. Any photographs you have  that you would like to share are also welcome. Get in contact the usual ways – via Twitter (@hannahhou), via Facebook (The H Duct), via email (, or pop your comments in the  contact form below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

The Format

  1. The feature takes the form of a weekly blog post
  2. The focus of attention for each week will be announced at the bottom of the current post
  3. You can get involved by sending YOUR thoughts on the chosen topic – whatever they may be – in the usual way, as listed above
  4. These will be added to the Scrutineering post which can be found in the ‘Features‘ category and archived in groups.
  5. On the Scrutineering page itself you will find a list of past posts and what is coming up on the following week. Tuesday is Scrutineering day!

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