Adrian Sutil: 100 GP and the magic formula

At this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, Force India driver Adrian Sutil will celebrate his 100th race. Having made his Formula One debut in 2007, Sutil has completed all of his career so far with a team based at Silverstone – progressing from Midland’s test driver to Spyker’s race driver and remaining with the team as they became Force India. Here we look at some of the numbers that make up Sutil’s magic formula.

6 seasons

Adrian Sutil made his Formula One debut in 2007 alongside Heikki Kovalainen, Robert Kubica, Anthony Davidson and Lewis Hamilton. He had a year out of the sport in 2012 but fought off competition from Jules Bianchi to return to the sport with Force India in 2013. He is therefore in the middle of his sixth season and currently lies 11th in the championship.

6 team-mates

During his time in Formula One Sutil has had six different team-mates, however this has not been one a season. In 2007 Sutil in fact had three different team-mates: Christian Albers (races 1 to 9), Marcus Winkelhock (race 10, which he led briefly), and Sakon Yamamoto (races 11 to 17). Sutil scored the team’s first and only point at the Italian Grand Prix. While racing for Force India, Sutil has partnered Giancarlo Fisichella (2008/2009), Vitantonio Liuzzi (2009/2010) and Paul di Resta (2011/2013).

11 times per season

This is the average number of times Sutil out-qualifies his team-mate per season, excluding 2013. His best qualifying record against a team-mate (or team-mates) was in 2007 when he out-qualified his three team-mates a total of 15 times out of 17. In 2010 he was ahead 16 times from 19 races while in 2009 it was 10 times out of 17 races. He currently lags behind di Resta 3 – 6, however, so far in 2013.

34% of his finishes are in the points

Sutil has 69 classified race finishes to his name, 24 of which were in the points. It is worth bearing in mind that Spyker were not a regular points scoring team (they scored just once, as mentioned above) and Force India took a while to start scoring consistently.

24 points finishes

As mentioned above, 24 of Sutil’s classified finishes were in the points. Sutil scored nine times in 2010 and 2011. He has finished four out of nine races in the points so far in 2013. Two of his points finishes were under the old points system when points were awarded down to eighth place. In terms of top five positions, Sutil has finished there four times.

15th is average championship position

Over the course of five full seasons, Sutil’s highest championship position has been ninth (in 2011). In his first season he finished 19th, dropping to 20th in 2008. He progressed to 17th in 2009 before achieving 11th in 2010. He currently lies 11th in this year’s championship.

1 team …essentially

Sutil has essentially spent his entire F1 career (to date) with one team, although the ownership has changed hands a few times. He started off as Midland F1′s test driver and, when the team was bought by Spyker, he was updated to race driver for 2007. The team once again was sold and from 2009 onwards has been known as Force India. The team have continued to grow year on year, with both Sutil and di Resta running strongly at the front of the midfield in 2013.

3 test driver appearances

In 2006, when Sutil was one of Midland’s third drivers, he made three test driver appearances in Friday practice and these were at the European, French and Japanese Grand Prix.

So, there we have it.  6 seasons + 6 team-mates + 11 times per season + 34% points finishes + 24 points finishes + 15th average championship position + 1 team + 3 test driver appearances = 100 GP.

Force India recently celebrated a milestone of their own, reaching 100GP.


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