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Three for Peter Hickman at Ulster Grand Prix as Dean Harrison sets new lap record

Three for Peter Hickman at Ulster Grand Prix as Dean Harrison sets new lap record

Peter Hickman has come away from the 2017 Ulster Grand Prix as Man of the Meeting after taking three victories. It was Dean Harrison, however, who set a new lap record of 134.614mph – beating the record of 134.089mph set by Ian Hutchinson in 2016.

Hickman signified he was the man to beat in practice when he secured pole position for the Superbike, Superstock and Supersport races. He then went on to win the Dundrod 150 Superbike race although Harrison was not far behind.

First up was the Superstock race and Hickman opened his account with a 4.674 second victory over Harrison on his Smith’s BMW. Harrison and Dan Kneen were separated by just four hundredths of a second on the line, with Kneen taking a podium on his first International appearance for Tyco BMW. David Johnson finished in fourth ahead of Conor Cummins and Jamie Coward. Michael Dunlop was seventh, ahead of Ivan Lintin, Dan Cooper, and Daley Mathison.

Lee Johnston

Switching to his Trooper Beer Triumph, Hickman was victorious again – this time in the Supersport race. He battled with Bruce Anstey throughout the race with the winning margin just a tenth of a second. Lee Johnston was third on his return to racing following his crash at the Isle of Man TT. He was less than a second behind the leading duo. Harrison finished in fourth just ahead of William Dunlop who was riding with a wrist injury. Dunlop’s injury had led him to withdraw from the ‘big bike’ races but he put in a competitive performance for fifth ahead of his brother Michael. Cummins was seventh, Derek McGee eighth, Coward ninth and Adam McLean tenth.

There was a popular victory for Davy Morgan in the Ultra Lightweight/Lightweight race. He beat fellow paddock veteran Paul Owen by over four seconds with Callum Laidlaw coming home in third place. Race favourite Anstey retired after just a lap with Neil Kernohan also retiring. The two had stood on the top two steps of the podium in the corresponding Dundrod 150 race. David Howard and Paul Gartland were fourth and fifth respectively. In the Ultra Lightweight class Paul Robinson beat Christian Elkin and Joey Thompson. McLean was fourth and Gary Dunlop fifth.

It was Hickman and Anstey once again leading the charge in the Superbike race, with the pair switching positions throughout. It was eventually a last lap overtake which saw Anstey take the win – his 13th at Dundrod. Hickman was just two tenths behind with Harrison – along with the new lap record- in third. Kneen was once again just hundredths behind Harrison and only marginally ahead of Cummins at the chequered flag. Sheils came home in sixth place ahead of Johnson and Coward. Sam West and Mathison rounded out the top ten finishers.

The fifth race of the day – the second Supersport race – brought out the first red flag of the day following an incident. When it was restarted it proved to be another close affair with the resulting podium the same as in the first Supersport race. Hickman beat Anstey and Johnston with the margin between the top four just over a second. M Dunlop was fourth ahead of Paul Jordan, Coward, Elkin, Cooper and Cowton. Thompson finished in tenth place.

There was another new lap record, this time in the Supertwin class with Ivan Lintin winning. His 120.402mph lap beat the previous Supertwin lap record of 118.735mph. It was yet another narrow margin of victory as he beat Cooper by just two hundredths of a second. There was a podium for McLean who has impressed on the roads this year. Sheils racked up another top five finish in fourth with Elkin fifth and James Cowton sixth. Jonathan Perry and Paul Jordan were seventh and eighth respectively, ahead of Xavier Denis and Maria Costello.

Kneen leads Harrison

The final race of the day – and the meeting – was the second Superbike race which promised to be another thriller. Unfortunately Hickman and Anstey were forced to retire – Hickman’s engine blew while Anstey retired to the pits – leaving Harrison, Kneen, Cummins and M Dunlop to battle it out. In the end the top three were separated by just three tenths of a second after an exhilarating race. Harrison and Kneen touched as Harrison sent a move up the inside but both continued and eventually Harrison was victorious. Kneen was second with Cummins coming home third. M Dunlop ended the day with a fourth place ahead of Sheils, Johnson and Coward. Sam West was eighth ahead of Lintin and Michael Sweeney.


Joey Thompson and Peter Hickman among Dundrod 150 race winners

Joey Thompson and Peter Hickman were among the race winners at this year’s Dundrod 150.

Thompson secured pole position for the Dundrod 150 National on his debut and went on to win following a three lap race. The race was red flagged and eventually declared a result, with Thompson being joined on the podium by fellow newcomers Davey Todd and Jonathan Perry.

Josh Daley was fourth – just over a second off a podium – ahead of Christian Schmitz, Michael Weldon, Glenn Walker and Kris Duncan. David Howard and Owen Graves rounded out the top ten finishers.

The race was red flagged following an incident involving two riders – later revealed to be brothers Rob and Jamie Hodson. Jamie sadly lost his life in hospital.

bruceanstey150Bruce Anstey romped to an impressive victory in the Lightweight class, beating Neil Kernohan by over 38 seconds. Davy Morgan was third ahead of Callum Laidlaw and Paul Owen. In the same race Paul Robinson won the Ultra Lightweight class beating Christian Elkin and Adam McLean. His advantage over Elkin at the line was just half a second.

The Challenge race was cancelled following two red flag incidents – one involving Gavin Lupton who is in a stable but critical condition in hospital.

Peterhickman150In the Superbike race it was Peter Hickman – who had dominated the practice sessions and secured pole position for Saturday’s Superstock, Superbike and Supersport races – who was victorious. Dean Harrison finished just over a second further back in second ahead of Anstey. Anstey and Dan Kneen – who finished fourth – were separated by mere hundredths of a second on the line. Michael Dunlop was fifth ahead of Lee Johnston, Derek Sheils, David Johnson, Daley Mathison, and Daniel Cooper.

TT 2017: Supersport Start List

The start list for the Supersport race is as follows:

  1. Non Starter
  2. Bruce Anstey
  3. James Hillier
  4. Ian Hutchinson
  5. Josh Brookes
  6. Michael Dunlop
  7. Conor Cummins
  8. Gary Johnson
  9. Dean Harrison
  10. Peter Hickman
  11. Non Starter
  12. Non Starter
  13. Jamie Coward
  14. Dan Kneen
  15. William Dunlop
  16. Non Starter
  17. Steve Mercer
  18. Martin Jessopp
  19. James Cowton
  20. Daniel Cooper
  21. #30 Sam West
  22. #22 Horst Saiger
  23. #29 Guy Martin
  24. #38 Craig Neve
  25. #21 Dan Stewart
  26. #39 Andrew Dudgeon
  27. #83 Adam Mclean
  28. #23 Ivan Lintin
  29. #36 Daley Mathison
  30. #37 Michael Sweeney
  31. #32 Tom Weeden
  32. #25 Daniel Hegarty
  33. #28 Robert Wilson
  34. #48 Matthew Rees
  35. #31 Dominic Herbertson
  36. #27 Michal Dokoupil
  37. #82 Paul Jordan
  38. #45 Brian McCormack
  39. #34 Kamil Holan
  40. #62 Julian Trummer
  41. #64 Timothee Monot
  42. #44 Mark Parrett
  43. #84 Joey Thompson
  44. #61 Gavin Lupton
  45. #73 Philip Crowe
  46. #51 Julien Toniutti
  47. #43 Davy Morgan
  48. #47 Rob Hodson
  49. #59 Xavier Denis
  50. #54 Adrian Harrison
  51. #71 Mark Goodings
  52. #60 Daivd Hewson
  53. #79 Josh Daley
  54. #33 Ian Pattinson
  55. #70 Karl Foster
  56. #42 Jim Hodson
  57. #75 Jamie Hodson
  58. #68 Ben Rea
  59. #35 David Sellers
  60. #85 Mark Purslow
  61. #66 Eric Wilson
  62. #65 Anthony Redmond
  63. #81 Masayuki Yamanaka
  64. #77 Callum Laidlaw
  65. #72 Chris Petty
  66. #69 Frank Gallagher
  67. #63 Paul Smyth
  68. #50 George Spence
  69. #80 Dave Madsen-Mygdal
  70. #56 Richard Wilson
  71. #55 Michael Russell


Ian Hutchinson wins opening Superbike TT race

Ian Hutchinson has taken the first win of the week, beating Peter Hickman and Dean Harrison.

The weather has wrecked havoc with the weeks’ practice sessions but ideal conditions greeted riders for the first race of 10 this week. David Johnson led them away at 2pm for the opening Superbike race.

James Hillier took the early lead at Glen Helen, leading Harrison by just eight tenths of a second with Hutchinson third. Michael Dunlop soon got himself into contention by Ballaugh, moving into third place. He was leading the race by the Bungalow and was leading when he retired on lap two. Harrison became the new leader with Hillier second and Hutchinson third.

The first lot of pit stops took place at the end of lap two and it was the Padgetts Racing crew who completed the fastest stop – 52 seconds for Bruce Anstey. Hutchinson’s Tyco BMW crew completed their stop in 55 seconds – five seconds quicker than Harrison and Hickman who was third at the end of the second lap. The battle for the win continued between Harrison and Hutchinson before the latter took control at the Bungalow on lap four. With just seven tenths of a second his advantage over Harrison he pulled the pin and upped it to nearly ten seconds by the start of the fifth lap.

By lap five Harrison had dropped down to fourth and Hutchinson was leading Hillier and Hickman. It became a two horse race on the sixth and final lap when Hickman slashed the gap to just 2.5 seconds. The gap came down to 1.6 seconds by Ramsey but it increased from there and Hutchinson had a five second advantage by the end of the race. Hickman finished in second with Harrison returning to third place. Hillier was fourth ahead of Dan Kneen, Michael Rutter, and David Johnson. Josh Brookes, William Dunlop, and Martin Jessopp completed the top ten.

Horst Saiger came home to finish 11th ahead of Sam West, Anstey, Philip Crowe, Jamie Coward and Dan Stewart. Brian McCormack got a time penalty for exceeding pit lane speeds and finished 17th. Stefano Bonetti, Mark Parrett, and Michael Sweeney completed the top 20.

There were a number of retirements from the race including a very early one for Guy Martin who came off uninjured at Dorans on lap one. Michael Dunlop retired from the race lead on lap two while Derek Sheils, Dan Cooper and Ivan Lintin were retirements in the pits. Gary Johnson, Fabrice Miguet, and local favourite Conor Cummins also retired. Davey Lambert was involved in an incident and is in a critical condition in hospital.

TT 2017: Friday 2nd June Practice Times


The top 15 riders’ fastest lap times in the Lightweight practice were as follows:

  1. Stefano Bonetti – 19:34.026 – 115.694mph
  2. Peter Hickman – 19:42.602 – 114.856mph
  3. James Cowton – 19:42.800 – 114.836mph
  4. Daniel Cooper – 19:43.277 – 114.790mph
  5. Lee Johnston – 19:43.850 – 114.734mph
  6. Michael Rutter – 19:48.538 – 114.282mph
  7. Adam McLean – 20:03.561 – 112.856mph
  8. Michael Sweeney – 20:04.823 – 112.737mph
  9. Derek Sheils – 20:05.802 – 112.645mph
  10. Maria Costello – 20:16.414 – 111.663mph
  11. Rob Hodson – 20:20.743 – 111.267mph
  12. John Barton – 20:20.833 – 111.258mph
  13. Danny Webb – 20:27.862 – 110.622mph
  14. Gary Johnson – 20:28.710 – 110.545mph
  15. Barry Furber – 20:29.517 – 110.473mph


The top 15 riders’ fastest lap times in the Superbike practice were as follows:

  1. Bruce Anstey – 17:31.199 – 129.212mph
  2. Michael Dunlop – 17:36.405 – 128.576mph
  3. Michael Rutter – 17:46.235 – 127.390mph
  4. James Hillier – 17:46.925 – 127.308mph
  5. Conor Cummins – 17:47.606 – 127.227mph
  6. Dean Harrison – 17:47.809 – 127.203mph
  7. Peter Hickman – 17:49.695 – 126.978mph
  8. Lee Johnston – 17:49.721 – 126.975mph
  9. William Dunlop – 17:57.909 – 126.011mph
  10. Dan Kneen – 17:58.477 – 125.944mph
  11. Gary Johnson – 18:00.221 – 125.741mph
  12. Ivan Lintin – 18:01.952 – 125.540mph
  13. Steve Mercer – 18:05.111 – 125.174mph
  14. Martin Jessopp – 18:07.577 – 124.890mph
  15. James Cowton – 18:11.392 – 124.454mph


The top 15 riders’ fastest lap times in the Supersport practice were as follows:]

  1. Dean Harrison – 18:12.274 – 124.353mph
  2. Michael Dunlop – 18:21.386 – 123.325mph
  3. Ian Hutchinson – 18:22.582 – 123.191mph
  4. James Hillier – 18:24.920 – 122.930mph
  5. Conor Cummins – 18:31.513 – 122.190mph
  6. Martin Jessopp – 18:32.862 – 122.053mph
  7. Peter Hickman – 18:33.812 – 121.949mph
  8. Lee Johnston – 18:34.545 – 121.858mph
  9. Dan Kneen – 18:34.902 – 121.830mph
  10. Jamie Coward – 18:40.016 – 121.273mph
  11. William Dunlop – 18:40.025 – 121.272mph
  12. Bruce Anstey – 18:40.508 – 121.220mph
  13. Gary Johnson – 18:47.820 – 120.434mph
  14. Ivan Lintin – 18:58.003 – 119.356mph
  15. Andrew Dudgeon – 18:59.893 – 119.159mph


The top 15 riders’ fastest lap times in the Superstock practice were as follows:

  1. Ian Hutchinson – 17:28.583 – 129.535mph
  2. Michael Rutter – 17:36.302 – 128.588mph
  3. Dean Harrison – 17:37.215 – 128.477mph
  4. Peter Hickman – 17:40.927 – 128.028mph
  5. Dan Kneen – 17:47.561 – 127.232mph
  6. Lee Johnston – 17:49.721 – 126.975mph
  7. Ivan Lintin – 18:01.952 – 125.540mph
  8. Michael Dunlop – 18:03.782 – 125.328mph
  9. Steve Mercer – 18:05.111 – 125.174mph
  10. Derek Sheils – 18:05.781 – 125.097mph
  11. James Cowton – 18:11.392 – 124.454mph
  12. Jamie Coward – 18:16.056 – 123.924mph
  13. Shaun Anderson – 18:19.549 – 123.531mph
  14. Martin Jessopp – 18:20.576 – 123.415mph
  15. Horst Saiger – 18:20.715 – 123.400mph


The top 10 fastest lap times in the Sidecar practice were as follows:

  1. Dave Molyneux/Daniel Sayle – 19:43.744 – 114.744mph
  2. Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes – 19:47.824 – 114.350mph
  3. John Holden/Lee Cain – 20:11.827 – 112.085mph
  4. Karl Bennett/Maxime Vasseur – 20:40.308 – 109.512mph
  5. Alan Founds/Jake Lowther – 20:45.714 – 109.036mph
  6. Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney – 20:58.256 – 107.949mph
  7. Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers – 21:05.670 – 107.317mph
  8. Estelle Leblond/Melanie Farnier – 21:10.681 – 106.894mph
  9. Steve Ramsden/Matty Ramsden – 21:13.040 – 106.696mph
  10. Mick Alton/Chrissie Clancy Ingpen – 21:24.755 – 105.723mph

TT Zero

  1. Bruce Anstey – 20:40.209 – 109.520mph
  2. Guy Martin – 20:52.870 – 108.413mph
  3. Adam Child – 30:16.212 – 74.786mph



TT 2017 start numbers confirmed

The start numbers for this year’s Isle of Man TT Superbike and Senior races have been confirmed, with David Johnson leading the riders away from the number one plate on the Norton.

New Zealander Bruce Anstey will leave second on his Padgetts Honda, ahead of James Hillier and Ian Hutchinson. John McGuinness moves to number five with Michael Dunlop leaving from number six on the Bennetts Suzuki ahead of Conor Cummins. Returnee Guy Martin starts eighth with Dean Harrison and Peter Hickman rounding out the top ten seeded starters.

Michael Rutter will start eleventh in front of Gary Johnson and Lee Johnston, with Dan Kneen 14th and William Dunlop 15th respectively. Josh Brookes – who is returning to the TT and riding a Norton – will start from number 16, ahead of Steve Mercer, Martin Jessopp, Dan Hegarty and Ivan Lintin.



  1. David Johnson
  2. Bruce Anstey
  3. James Hillier
  4. Ian Hutchinson
  5. John McGuinness
  6. Michael Dunlop
  7. Conor Cummins
  8. Guy Martin
  9. Dean Harrison
  10. Peter Hickman
  11. Michael Rutter
  12. Gary Johnson
  13. Lee Johnston
  14. Dan Kneen
  15. William Dunlop
  16. Josh Brookes
  17. Steve Mercer
  18. Martin Jessopp
  19. Dan Hegarty
  20. Ivan Lintin

The 2017 race fortnight kicks off with practice on 27th May with the first race scheduled for Saturday 3rd June.

Bruce Anstey storms to Classic TT Lightweight victory

Back in 2002 Bruce Anstey won the last 250 two strokes race held at the TT and, rather appropriately, he has won this year’s event following an absence of the class for 14 years.

The Kiwi rider broke the lap record on the way to his victory, beating Ian Lougher and Phil Harvey. He led the field away from the number one plate and was leading by nearly two seconds at Glen Helen over Lougher, who had started second. Ryan Kneen was running third before an early retirement. Anstey cranked it up over the lap and was leading by nearly 17 seconds at the end of the first lap.

John McGuinness’ longstanding Lightweight record was broken on the second lap when Anstey recorded 118.744mph. He continue to increase his lead to Lougher which stood at 25 seconds at Glen Helen, 40 seconds at the Bungalow, and 43 seconds by the end of the lap. Anstey, Lougher, and Harvey – the top three – all pitted at the end of lap two.

By the third lap Anstey had pulled over a minute on Lougher, with Harvey continuing a minute behind Lougher in third. The Padgetts Racing rider backed off the pace on the last lap, his gap to Lougher starting at 1:09.346 at Glen Helen. He increased that by five tenths on the run to Ballaugh but then the gap marginally came down. By the Bungalow it was 1:08 and it ended at 1:04.409 as they crossed the line.

Harvey was nearly two and a half minutes down on Lougher but finished in third place ahead of Paul Owen and Charles Rhys Hardistry. Gary Vines, Chris Barratt, Michael Sweeney, Steven Howard and Nick Anderson completed the top ten. Non starters included Dan Cooper and Michael Rutter, with Davy Morgan amongst the retirements from the race.