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Vote for Ferrari’s car name

Ferrari have become the latest team to announce the launch of their 2014 car. The as yet un-named challenger will be launched on Saturday 25 January. Before the car is unveiled, however, Ferrari have offered fans a unique opportunity to be involved with the naming process.

By visiting http://2014f1car.ferrari.com/en/#countdown fans can vote five times for any of the following five options: F14 T, F14 Maranello, F14 Scuderia, F166 Turbo, F616. So far over 105,000 votes have been cast from all over the world with F14 T and F166 Turbo leading the way. 

Over the years Ferrari’s cars have been called F138, F60 and 412 T2 to name but a few. A number of cars have also carried the year in their names e.g. F2012, F2008, F2007 etc.

As well as being able to vote for the name, fans can submit questions for Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and Stefano Domenicali. This can be done via the team’s Facebook page; by emailing askstefano@ferrari.com/askkimi@ferrari.com/askfernando@ferrari.com; or tweeting with the hashtag #askstefano/#askkimi/#askfernando.

The answers to the questions will be revealed after the launch of the car, with the name being revealed on Friday 24 January. Get voting and asking!


2013: Car Launches: Ferrari

Launch Stats

Date: 01/02/2013
Location: Maranello
Chassis Name: F138
Key Personnel: Stefano Domenicali, Luca di Montezemolo, Felipe Massa, and Fernando Alonso

Ferrari kicked off a busy weekend of Formula One car launches, by becoming the third team to unveil their 2013 challenger. The launch took place at their Maranello base in front of members of the media. As was the case with the Lotus and McLaren launches, it was also streamed online.

The launch kicked off with some history of Ferrari, including a video, and then Team Principal Stefano Domenicali took to the stage to address the team, the sponsors, and the media. He spoke of how the new car is an evolution of last year’s car, but how Ferrari had dedicated a team to preparing for 2014, when the regulations will drastically change.

The car, which had been covered by a drape, was then unveiled after a dramatic light show and a moment of darkness with the sound of a heartbeat acting as a suspense builder. A noticeable difference to the 2012 car was the use of a modesty panel to cover the stepped nose.

After Domenicali had finished talking, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso took to the stage to discuss their prospects for the season ahead. Domenicali pointed out during his speech that Massa had had a strong second half of the season, and Massa revealed he hoped to be strong right from the start. This will be Massa’s eighth season at Ferrari, and he said that he still still gets a good feeling at the launches.

Fernando Alonso revealed that he feels last year, when seven different drivers won the first seven races, was a unique occurrence and won’t happen again. He believes that three teams will rise to the top and win all of the races, and he knows that Ferrari need to be one of them. It was recently revealed that Massa, and new Ferrari test driver Pedro de la Rosa, would complete all of the Jerez testing, with Alonso not getting in the car until Barcelona towards the end of February. When asked how he felt about that, he said he felt it was good as it allowed him to take a step back and prepare further for the season.

To read what Stefano Domenicali, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso had to say, click here.

For a technical analysis of the F138 head to James Allen’s blog, and check out the team’s website.

2013: Ferrari Car Launch Transcribed

Stefano Domenicali: Looking at the car a few things come to mind. One certainly is the sense of responsibility that all of us here at Maranello and myself and my colleagues that this is for all who believe in us and give us the possibility of working in an extraordinary company.

For us, this gives us a great deal of pride, so we are very lucky indeed, and I don’t think that anybody else in this particular point in time of economic difficulties really does have the possibility and the priviledge of being able to say we have increased the number of partners who believe in us, and certainly it is a great sign of trust in us. It’s a sign of trust in the team and what we represent, and what we’re going to do and have to do. So I’m very very glad to welcome from China a new important sponsor that has decided to work and invest in us for the next few years Wechai Power so thanks and welcome on behalf of all of us.

I thank those of you who have decided to extend with us – Hublot, Kaspersky, TNT – they have decided to extend and broaden the partnership that they have already have with us. And then obviously I don’t want to forget the great companies and people who have always supported Ferrari – Shell, Fiat, Pirelli, Santander. Nor do I want to forget all of the others, many, who we give the space they deserve, so without them from a technical and commercial point of view, our situation would be very different indeed.

Now, we’ve come from a season which from an emotional point of view has been intense, to say the least. Coming second at the last race is always difficult and from an emotional point of view it is difficult, but we have already forgotten those things which left us a bit of regret last year, and we have started this year improving on the positive aspects. So, the reliability for example, which we had, the strategies during the race which was excellent. I talk about the fine tuning which has always been fantastic, and the pit-stops, these are the things that allow us to look forward to the new season, which will be difficult of course.

The machine for this year has started from a different work organisation. We anticipated this, we had two working groups – one that looked at this year’s work, and the second that was going to look at the complex design of 2014 when we have introduced the key resources or have resources to bring to Maranello. But we will also use the Maranello people, in fact, who have merited being pushed forward and we hope we will be able to extend them our thanks.

As you can see, this car is an evolution of last year’s car. This because the regulations have not changed and therefore, from this point of view, you can see from the shapes, the car that we are presenting today certainly is the first step towards a car that will be different, slightly different when we come to the first race in Australia. The evolution that we have developed is to maximise the high performance area of the car, and from this point of view, the coming tests which will start next week in fact, in Jerez, we will at these tests not immediately be there for performance immediately, but to check how the things that we have defined in the simulator, and that we have prepared in our technical offices.

You know the choice to develop this car in a different wind tunnel to the Maranello wind tunnel, and the fact that we have decided to invest in a new structure for the Formula One Maranello. These two things mean that our company is very much attentive to the short term performance requirements, but also we have a long view on the future investments that are necessary to remain at the pinnacle of the Formula One world. From this point of view, a few weeks ago we started the new work site that will allow all of the sporting team and the personnel to have a new headquarters, and this will be ready in two years.

Coming back to now, the key objective that we must have is that of delivering immediately an effective car to our drivers. Unfortunately, in recent years we have during the winter unfortunately not been able to get to the beginning of the season right on top of our game like other competitors. We will look at our work organisation to be much more effective especially in the preparation of these coming weeks. So our objective is to give our drivers a car which will help them to compete right from Australia and as you can see this is an evolution and certainly, as other competitors will do, we will be further in this development through the tests.

So, over and above the question of the team, I’d like to call upon Felipe to come up. He was really a protagonist in the second half of last year. And I would like to call upon Fernando.

Q: Felipe this is your eighth season with Ferrari and your eighth presentation, is it still special? Has it become routine or is it always an emotional moment?

Felipe Massa (FM): Well, I feel in fact, even if I’ve been here many years as an official driver, even before in fact – I was the first young driver, for example, that Ferrari believed in in the beginning when I was still not in Formula One – so it gives me great great pleasure to be the eighth championship with Ferrari.

Every presentation, in fact, gives you a new feeling, a new sensation, and I am very very happy with this car. Looking at it, I think we have thought of many things, important things here, and I hope that my feelings are the right ones, and that we will be able to have many victories, and bring two titles at the end of the championship. This is what we’re thinking about, this is what we’re concentrating on.

Q: Fernando, Stefano was saying before that the car is an evolution because the regulations haven’t really changed. After a very competitive season last year, how do you see this year? Are you going to be even more keen? More aggressive?

Fernando Alonso (FA): Hi everybody. I think it will be very difficult to repeat what we saw last year, when there were seven winners in the first seven races, I think it really was a one off – the new rules and a Formula One which was somewhat different. Now, with things a bit more stabilised, we saw at the end of the season in fact, the top teams emerge. The teams that emerged and have won in the past few years, they came through and so I think it will be highly unlikely that we will have seven winners in seven races.

I think there will be practically two or three teams, in other words, who will win all the races and the objective is, of course, that we have got to be one of those teams.

Q: Stefano said we saw Felipe at the end of the season really coming forward and I want to ask you, are you all geared up for the tests that are going to start next week?

FM: Yes, I’m ready, I’m really focused – I’ve been training everyday recently to prepare for the test sessions and the shakedown sessions that we are going to have next week. The second part of the championship last year was an evolution, an improvement, and a growth, and also I fixed my concentration and for me… this is just the beginning of 2013, of course I hope to continue like this. Strong, focused in a championship which everybody starts with zero points, so we’re going to try and get as many points as possible and be really strong, and come through the competition. Be competitive from the beginning to the end, not from halfway through onwards, so this is something that I’m really focused on achieving.

Q: Fernando, with regards to the test it will be Barcelona before you touch the F138, can you resist? Can you resist touching it?

FA: No, I will follow the test with great interest and I will look at all the information that comes back from them. In these last few weeks and in the next few weeks I will certainly be looking at preparing for the championship. We were very busy in December and in January until a week ago. We were very much involved in this so I think it is right to step back and prepare a bit, so that I am 100% from Australia right through to Brazil. Also, we are very lucky in this team – to have a real good entente amongst each other and we trust each other implicitly, and we have a team, an extended team of Pedro, of Felipe and we are just the same person.