F1 2016: Malaysia GP – Qualifying Times & Laps



  1. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 1:32.850
  2. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes – 1:33.264
  3. Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 1:33.420
  4. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – 1:33.467
  5. Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari – 1:33.584
  6. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – 1:33.632
  7. Sergio Perez – Force India – 1:34.319
  8. Nico Hulkenberg – Force India – 1:34.489
  9. Jenson Button – McLaren – 1:34.518
  10. Felipe Massa – Williams – 1:34.671
  11. Valtteri Bottas – Williams – 1:34.577
  12. Romain Grosjean – Haas – 1:35.001
  13. Esteban Gutierrez – Haas – 1:35.097
  14. Kevin Magnussen – Renault – 1:35.277
  15. Daniil Kvyat – Toro Rosso – 1:35.369
  16. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso – 1:35.374
  17. Marcus Ericsson – Sauber – 1:35.816
  18. Felipe Nasr – Sauber – 1:35.949
  19. Jolyon Palmer – Renault – 1:35.999
  20. Esteban Ocon – Manor – 1:36.451
  21. Pascal Wehrlein – Manor – 1:36.587
  22. Fernando Alonso – McLaren – 1:37.155


  1. Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari – 17
  2. Sergio Perez – Force India – 17
  3. Jenson Button – McLaren – 17
  4. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – 16
  5. Nico Hulkenberg – Force India – 15
  6. Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 15
  7. Romain Grosjean – Haas – 14
  8. Esteban Gutierrez – Haas – 14
  9. Felipe Massa – Williams – 13
  10. Kevin Magnussen – Renault – 13
  11. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes – 12
  12. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – 12
  13. Daniil Kvyat – Toro Rosso – 12
  14. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso – 12
  15. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 11
  16. Valtteri Bottas – Williams – 9
  17. Esteban Ocon – Manor – 9
  18. Pascal Wehrlein – Manor – 9
  19. Marcus Ericsson – Sauber – 8
  20. Felipe Nasr – Sauber – 8
  21. Jolyon Palmer – Renault – 8
  22. Fernando Alonso – McLaren – 5

F1 2016: Malaysia GP – FP2 Times & Laps

Free Practice 2



  1. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 1:34.944
  2. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes – 1:35.177 – +0.233
  3. Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari – 1:35.605 – +0.661
  4. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – 1:35.842 – +0.898
  5. Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 1:36.037 – +1.093
  6. Sergio Perez – Force India- 1:36.284 – +1.340
  7. Fernando Alonso – McLaren – 1:36.296 – +1.352
  8. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – 1:36.337 – +1.393
  9. Nico Hulkenberg – Force India – 1:36.390 – +1.446
  10. Jenson Button – McLaren – 1:36.715 – +1.771
  11. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso – 1:36.836 – +1.892
  12. Jolyon Palmer – Renault – 1:36.940 – +1.996
  13. Valtteri Bottas – Williams – 1:37.016 – +2.072
  14. Esteban Gutierrez – Haas – 1:37.048 – +2.104
  15. Felipe Massa – Williams – 1:37.110 – +2.166
  16. Daniil Kvyat – Toro Rosso – 1:37.297 – +2.353
  17. Marcus Ericsson – Sauber – 1:37.449 – +2.505
  18. Felipe Nasr – Sauber – 1:37.547 – +2.603
  19. Kevin Magnussen – Renault – 1:37.664 – +2.720
  20. Romain Grosjean – Haas – 1:37.789 – +2.845
  21. Pascal Wehrlein – Manor – 1:37.878 – +2.934
  22. Esteban Ocon – Manor – 1:37.990 – +3.046


  1. Mercedes – 1:34.944
  2. Ferrari – 1:35.605 – +0.661
  3. Red Bull – 1:36.037 – +1.093
  4. Force India – 1:36.284 – +1.340
  5. McLaren – 1:36.296 – +1.352
  6. Toro Rosso – 1:36.836 – +1.892
  7. Renault – 1:36.940 – +1.996
  8. Williams – 1:37.016 – +2.072
  9. Haas – 1:37.048 – +2.104
  10. Sauber – 1:37.449 – +2.505
  11. Manor – 1:37.878 – +2.934



  1. Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari – 37
  2. Nico Hulkenberg – Force India – 37
  3. Valtteri Bottas – Williams – 37
  4. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes- 36
  5. Jolyon Palmer – Renault – 36
  6. Esteban Ocon – Manor – 36
  7. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 35
  8. Pascal Wehrlein – Manor – 34
  9. Sergio Perez – Force India – 33
  10. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – 31
  11. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – 30
  12. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso – 30
  13. Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 29
  14. Daniil Kvyat – Toro Rosso – 29
  15. Esteban Gutierrez – Haas – 28
  16. Marcus Ericsson – Sauber – 28
  17. Fernando Alonso – McLaren – 27
  18. Felipe Nasr – Sauber – 26
  19. Romain Grosjean – Haas – 25
  20. Jenson Button – McLaren – 22
  21. Felipe Massa – Williams – 19
  22. Kevin Magnussen – Renault – 19


  1. Mercedes – 71
  2. Force India – 70
  3. Manor – 70
  4. Ferrari – 68
  5. Red Bull – 59
  6. Toro Rosso – 59
  7. Williams – 56
  8. Renault – 55
  9. Sauber – 54
  10. Haas – 53
  11. McLaren – 49

Nico Rosberg celebrates 200th Grand Prix with victory in Singapore

Nico Rosberg celebrated his 200th Grand Prix in style with a win at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver secured pole position on Saturday and held off a late charge from Daniel Ricciardo to win the race. The victory – along with team-mate Lewis Hamilton’s third place – means that he now leads the championship once again, the lead up to nine points.

At the start of the race Rosberg maintained the lead, with fellow front row starter Ricciardo staying in second and Hamilton third. Ricciardo’s team-mate Max Verstappen had a slow start which triggered sequence of events which led to the safety car being deployed.

Carlos Sainz went to pass Verstappen off the line and as the pair got squeezed together, Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg got caught up and spun across the track and into the pit-wall. Amazingly he did not collect any other drivers but the safety car was deployed to allow marshals to pick up debris over the track.

When racing resumed Rosberg pulled away at the front but both Mercedes had to deal with brake temperature issues throughout the race. Staying out on older tyres, Rosberg also had to deal with a charging Ricciardo on fresher tyres in the closing stages of the race. Ricciardo eventually ran out of laps – Rosberg’s advantage just four tenths of a second as they crossed the line at the end.

Hamilton was eight seconds further back in third, with Kimi Raikkonen fourth and Sebastian Vettel coming from the back to finish in fifth place. Verstappen was sixth ahead of Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez, Daniil Kvyat and Kevin Magnussen.

Not for the first time this year Esteban Gutierrez missed out on points in 11th ahead of Felipe Massa, Felipe Nasr, Carlos Sainz and Jolyon Palmer. Pascal Wehrlein, Marcus Ericsson and Esteban Ocon were the last of the finishers.

Jenson Button and Valtteri Bottas both picked up damage on the first lap – Bottas a rear puncture and Button significant front wing damage. Both cars retired later on in the race with mechanical issues, joining Hulkenberg in the list of retirees. Romain Grosjean compounded a difficult weekend by failing to start the race due to brake issues which came to light on the way to the grid.

F1 2016: Singapore GP Preview

The Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore first appeared on the F1 calendar in 2008. It was the sport’s first ever night race and remains the only one still held completely under the lights at night.

Teams, drivers and personnel remain on European time to help them deal with the odd timings of the Singapore Grand Prix. Due to the length of the circuit – 23 corners, the most of any race this year – and the probability of safety cars, the race normally pushes the two hour limit and is a tough challenge for drivers.

Circuit: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Number of Laps: 61
Circuit Length: 5.065km
Number of Corners: 23
Lap Record: 1:50.041 Daniel Ricciardo (2015)
Previous Singapore Grand Prix winners still on the grid: 3
Most Successful Team: Red Bull (3 wins)
DRS Zones: 2    
Pirelli Tyres: Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft

As is the case with any street circuit, there are low grip levels and the average speed is the second lowest of any on the calendar – Monaco being the slowest. 45% of the lap is spent at full throttle with approximately 80 gear changes per lap.

Pirelli have brought the soft, supersoft and ultrasoft tyre compounds with the latter making its first appearance since the Austrian Grand Prix earlier in the year. Drivers will have to contend with degradation as well as the humidity and extra challenges a street circuit brings.

The 2015 race proved to be a weakness in Mercedes’ armour with Nico Rosberg finishing fourth and Lewis Hamilton failing to finish. They struggled in qualifying and were unable to match the Ferraris and Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo. It was Sebastian Vettel who won the race for Ferrari with Ricciardo second and Kimi Raikkonen in third.

Last time out it was Rosberg who won, beating team-mate Hamilton who had a disappointing start to the race. Vettel was third ahead of Raikkonen, Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas. The result means that the gap between the top two in the championship stands at just two points, with Rosberg getting right back in contention with Hamilton.

Mercedes will be hoping to avoid the difficulties they suffered at the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix. Elsewhere in the championship, Red Bull are ahead of Ferrari and they are a team who have won the modern Singapore Grand Prix more than anyone else. Ferrari have won it twice with other previous winning teams McLaren and Renault unlikely to win it this year.



Nico Rosberg in control at Italian Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg has closed the gap at the top of the championship to just two points, following a win at the Italian Grand Prix.

It was his team-mate Lewis Hamilton who started from pole position but was slow away at the start, losing out to the Ferraris, Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas. Rosberg took the lead and was untroubled over the course of the race, eventually crossing the line with a 15 second advantage over Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel finished in third place – where he started – ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, Ricciardo, and Bottas. Max Verstappen finished seventh ahead of Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa, with Nico Hulkenberg rounding out the top ten and points finishers.

Everyone from Romain Grosjean in 11th down was lapped and there were 18 finishers from the 22 starters. Jenson Button enjoyed some battles throughout the race, having been forced wide at the start and dropping to the back of the pack. His fun included a pass on “cheeky monkey” team-mate Fernando Alonso who finished 14th. Esteban Gutierrez nearly stalled at the start but did get going eventually and finished in 15th place. Alonso put on a new set of tyres in the closing stages of the race and set the fastest lap on his way to 16th.

Carlos Sainz, Marcus Erisson, Kevin Magnussen and Esteban Ocon rounded out the finishers. Daniil Kvyat suffered another disappointment with another retirement along with Pascal Wehrlein. Jolyon Palmer and Felipe Nasr both retired following an early accident with Nasr being apportioned the blame and a ten second penalty.

The Italian Grand Prix marked the end of the European season as the action now heads to Singapore.

Felipe Massa announces retirement from Formula One

Felipe Massa has announced his retirement from Formula One at a press conference in Monza.

The Brazilian driver – who made his debut in 2002 – has enjoyed a 14 year career in the sport racing for Sauber, Ferrari and Williams. He will retire from Formula One at the end of the 2016 season.

Veteran of 244 races (242 starts) Massa has enjoyed 11 wins, 41 podiums, and 16 pole positions over the course of his career to date. In 2008 he finished second in the world championship – his best result – narrowly missing out on being crowned champion by just a single point. He celebrated his 200th race at the British Grand Prix in 2014 and currently lies ninth in the all time list of race entries.

Making his debut in 2002, Massa started driving in Formula One for Sauber finishing 13th in the championship and scoring four points. In 2003 he took a year out from racing to become a Ferrari test driver – the start of his long term relationship with the Scuderia. He returned to a race seat with Sauber for 2004 and 2005 before making his debut with Ferrari as a race driver in 2006. He finished third in the championship and picked up his first two wins in the sport – at the Turkish Grand Prix and his home race in Brazil.

He raced with Ferrari for eight seasons – becoming one of just a handful of drivers to race over 100 Grand Prix for one team – racking up 139 races. He missed the latter half of the 2009 season after suffering a nasty accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix when he sustained a head injury. An errant spring came off the back of fellow countryman Rubens Barrichello’s car and hit Massa.

Massa made his return in 2010, finishing sixth in the championship. In 2014 Massa made the switch to Williams where his most recent podium came at last year’s Italian Grand Prix.

After his long spell at Ferrari it is apt he has announced his retirement at the Italian Grand Prix, home of the passionate Tifosi where ten years earlier Massa’s team-mate Michael Schumacher announced his own retirement. Massa may have never won the world championship but he has had a very successful Formula One career and hopefully he’ll be able to go out on a high.

Nico Rosberg avoids chaos to win Belgian Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg saw Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead cut to just nine points by winning the Belgian Grand Prix.

Hamilton started from the back of the grid after a number of engine penalties but was able to take advantage of a safety car and red flag period to secure a podium finish. He finished behind Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo.

The start of the race was chaotic with a number of drivers getting themselves into difficulty. Max Verstappen – who started alongside Rosberg on the front row of the grid- bogged down at the start and as a result lost out to Kimi Raikkonen. Verstappen tried a move up the inside at the first corner but Sebastian Vettel squeezed the pair resulting in contact. Both Ferraris dropped to the back of the pack while Vetstappen picked up damage which Christian Horner suggested cost him 1.5 seconds a lap.

Elsewhere Carlos Sainz picked up an early puncture and as the tyre delaminated it got caught in his rear wing, causing damage and the car to spin. Pascal Wehrlein and Jenson Button were also casualties of the first lap as the Manor driver drove into the back of the McLaren. Marcus Ericsson started from the pit-lane but was forced to retire after just three laps following a gearbox failure.

The safety car was brought out following a huge shunt for Kevin Magnussen on the fifth lap. He lost control of his car at the top of Eau Rouge and the impact was such that his headrest came free from the car. Thankfully Magnussen was able to get out of the car unaided, however with a limp. After a trip to the medical centre and a local hospital Magnussen tweeted that he had a cut on his ankle but expected to be able to race in Monza.

A red flag was eventually brought out after about ten laps behind the safety car to allow marshals to properly fix the damaged barrier. The red flag stoppage benefited Fernando Alonso and Hamilton as they stayed out while most ahead of them pitted. This left Alonso fourth and Hamilton fifth, due to the McLaren driver having got ahead of the Mercedes at the start and leading him for the duration of the race so far.

When the race was restarted Rosberg was once again unchallenged at the front and he was able to drive his own race and win by 14 seconds. Ricciardo was second with Hamilton 27 seconds off his team-mate in third. Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez were fourth and fifth for Force India meaning that they have now moved into fourth in the championship ahead of Williams. Vettel fought back to sixth and finished ahead of Alonso, who showed some good pace to stay ahead of the Williams duo. Raikkonen split the Williams after passing Felipe Massa, having had spirited battles with Verstappen throughout the race.

Verstappen missed out on a points finish after finishing 11th. He was visibly aggrieved by the incident, driving aggressively against Raikkonen. The Finn at one stage came onto team radio to suggest that Verstappen’s “only interest” was running him off the track. One incident saw Raikkonen having to back right off on the Kemmel straight after a last minute change of position for Verstappen. Esteban Gutierrez finished 12th ahead of Romain Grosjean, Daniil Kvyat and Jolyon Palmer. Rookie Esteban Ocon finished 16th on his debut ahead of Felipe Nasr.

There is a quick turnaround with the Italian Grand Prix taking place this weekend.