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Hat-trick of victories for Hutchinson as he claims second Supersport win

Ian Hutchinson notched up his 11th TT win and third of the week with another dominant showing in the second Supersport race. He has already taken victory in the first Supersport race as well as the Superstock race.

This time he finished nearly 15 seconds clear of Sunday’s Superbike winner Bruce Anstey while Guy Martin secured his first podium of the week in third. John McGuinness led them away for the start of the race and it was James Hillier who led at the Glen Helen. Hutchinson was already up to second with Anstey in third place. Hutchinson took the lead at Ramsey and by the end of the first lap he had pulled an advantage of nearly four seconds over Anstey.

As had been the case in the other races, Hutchinson’s advantage went up and down at different stages of the course and it stood at 8.5 seconds as they started the final lap. Martin – who had endured two difficult pit-stops in the first Supersport race and Superstock – had got himself ahead of Hillier into third and was maintaining his advantage.

Before the race there were rumours that Michael Dunlop had decided to return home for physiotherapy on his injuries sustained on Sunday. He lined up for the start, however, and revealed that he would probably be flying home that evening or the next morning but intended to return for the Senior. It all proved to be too much for him, however, as he pulled into the pits after just one lap. Dean Harrison was another early retirement, pulling off at Ballaugh. It has been a disappointing week for the Mar-Train rider, having also retired in the first Supersport race.

Eventually Hutchinson took the win – putting him equal on TT victories with Philip McCallen, Steve Hislop and Michael Dunlop – with Anstey second and Martin in third. Hillier finished in fourth place with Gary Johnson and Lee Johnston fifth and sixth. Conor Cummins crossed the line to claim seventh, although it was a narrow advantage of just a couple of hundredths of a second over team-mate McGuinness. Dan Kneen and David Johnson rounded out the top ten.

Just outside of the top ten was Peter Hickman – putting in another impressive performance on just his second visit to the Isle of Man TT. Ivan Lintin narrowly took twelfth ahead of popular Aussie rider Cameron Donald. Jamie Hamilton secured another top 15 finish with fourteenth place ahead of Daniel Cooper and James Cowton. Also in the top twenty were Dan Stewart, Michael Rutter, newcomer Derek McGee and Michal Dokoupil.

The final day of racing on Friday will see the Lightweights go out and the Senior TT race.


2015: Isle of Man TT Results: 30th May 2015

The 2015 Isle of Man TT started with a qualifying session for the Lightweight class. The session was started with a speed controlled lap for the solo and sidecar newcomers including Robbin Harms and Derek McGee . Following that the Lightweights took to the track with Jamie Hamilton and Michael Sweeney leading them away. Sidecars had supposed to get out afterwards but rain but paid to that. They will run on Monday instead.

Bennetts Lightweight Qualifying 

The top 20 riders and their fastest times were as follows:

  1. Ryan Farquhar – 2 laps – 19:19.746 – 117.12mph
  2. Gary Johnson – 2 laps – 19:20.250 – 117.07mph
  3. Ivan Lintin – 2 laps – 19:24.926 – 116.60mph
  4. Lee Johnston – 2 laps – 19:37.052 – 115.40mph
  5. Daniel Cooper – 2 laps – 19:57.655 – 113.41mph
  6. James Hillier – 2 laps – 20:07.102 – 112.52mph
  7. Connor Behan – 2 laps – 20:07.596 – 112.48mph
  8. Michael Sweeney – 2 laps – 20:09.750 – 112.28mph
  9. Jamie Hamilton – 2 laps – 20:10.698 – 112.19mph
  10. Alan  Bonner – 2 laps – 20:17.057 – 111.60mph
  11. Andy Lawson – 2 laps – 20:17.964 – 111.52mph
  12. Michael Russell – 2 laps – 20:24.388 – 110.94mph
  13. Martin Jessopp – 2 laps – 20:35.386 – 109.95mph
  14. Anthony Redmond – 2 laps – 20:36.086 – 109.89mph
  15. Jamie Coward – 2 laps – 20:36.959 – 109.81mph
  16. Michal Dokoupil – 2 laps – 20:41.613 – 109.40mph
  17. Scott Wilson – 2 laps – 20:43.705 – 109.21mph
  18. Bjorn Gunnarsson – 2 laps – 20:44.043 – 109.18mph
  19. John  Barton – 2 laps – 20:56.904 – 108.07mph
  20. Danny Webb – 2 laps – 20:58.664 – 107.91mph

Practice recommences on Monday.

2015 North West 200 Round-Up

The 2015 Vauxhall International North West 200 is over for another year.

This year’s race meeting saw Alistair Seeley draw level with the late Robert Dunlop’s 15 win record. A hat-trick of victories helped Seeley get there but it was Lee Johnston who prevented the record being broken as he held off the Tyco BMW rider to win the final race of the day.

Following practice sessions on Tuesday and Thursday it was down to the nitty gritty on Thursday evening. First up was the Supersport class and Seeley kicked off his account with a hard fought win against Michael Dunlop and Johnston. Newcomer Glenn Irwin had been a contender early on in the race but his Gearlink Kawasaki let him down on the third lap, taking him out of the equation and allowing Seeley to ease home and equal Joey Dunlop and Michael Rutter’s 13 wins. Next up was the first race in the Supertwins class and this was won by Ryan Farquhar who beat team-mate Jeremy McWilliams. Farquhar’s former protege Jamie Hamilton was third place, after Martin Jessopp was given a 60 second time penalty for jumping the start. The third and final race scheduled for the evening was the first Superstock race but this was red flagged after a lap following an incident involving Sandor Bitter at Ballysally Roundabout. The newcomer has since left hospital with a few broken bones and posted a statement about his participation at this year’s Isle of Man TT on Facebook, saying he would not be riding while his health was not at 100%.

With the roads scheduled to reopen by 9pm organisers ran out of time to get the Superstock race back on track again and instead it was rescheduled for first thing on Saturday morning. It was red flagged a further two times on Saturday, once as a result of a nasty accident involving Dean Harrison, Horst Saiger, Stephen Thompson and a spectator. Saiger and Thompson were taken to Causeway Hospital while the female spectator – since named as Violet McAfee – was airlifted to Belfast. Thompson was also transferred there and there has been good news. Both have been moved out of ICU and are recovering. Saiger was discharged and put a statement on his Facebook page revealing he had broken his elbow.

Following a number of delays – including the red flags and the interchangeable weather conditions –  the Superstock race was eventually cancelled. Next up was the second race of the Supersport class, the first of which was won by Seeley. The Tyco BMW rider was a man on a mission as he looked to break Robert Dunlop’s record. As had been the case on Thursday evening, it was a close fought affair between Seeley, Johnston and Irwin. Any of the three could have taken the chequered flag first but a costly mistake by Johnston at the Juniper Chicane, which put Irwin off as well, meant that Seeley had a clear run to the line. Irwin finished ahead of a time penalised Johnston, who held onto third with a big enough advantage over William Dunlop.

The record was equalised in the first Superbike race but Seeley had a fierce battle on his hands. Ian Hutchinson took the early lead but eventually lost out. The top two were joined on the road by veteran riders Bruce Anstey, – who took third – Michael Rutter, and John McGuinness, showing that they had lost nothing. Anstey’s podium meant he continued his record of at least one podium at every North West 200 since his debut in 2002. Johnston took fourth place while W Dunlop won the inter-team battle between himself and Guy Martin in a distant seventh and eighth.

Following the Superbike race it was the turn of the Supertwins again and, having lost out to Farquhar on Thursday, McWilliams turned the tables on his boss. The pair went wheel to wheel and exchanged the lead and were not alone as Hamilton also joined the battle. He also had a stint at leading the race and didn’t lose sight of the top two until a mistake on the final lap saw him come home a distant but solid third.

It was a case of not third but fourth time lucky for Johnston when he crossed the line first in the second Superstock race. He had been leading the earlier Superstock race prior to every red flag but was not given the chance to do anything with it. So he was no doubt delighted to eventually cross the line first in what turned out to be the final race of the day. It was another close fought affair with Seeley but Johnston managed to prevent the record of 15 wins being broken. Hutchinson took another podium finish in third, just ahead of M Dunlop.

Riders had faced tricky weather conditions for most of the day, with McGuinness calling one of his citing laps ‘scary’ due to the high winds. Eventually the North West 200 feature race was called off due to a threat of high winds.

McWilliams gets better of Farquhar in Supertwins race

Jeremy McWilliams got the better of team boss Ryan Farquhar in the second Supertwins race at the 2015 North West 200.

On Thursday evening Farquhar beat McWilliams but the tables were turned on Saturday. The KMR Kawasaki duo were joined in an intense battle by Jamie Hamilton, who took third place on Thursday following a time penalty for Martin Jessopp. Hamilton also had a turn of leading Saturday’s Supertwin race but admitted afterwards he had got too hot into one of the chicanes and so lost time, dropping off the back of the leading pair.

McWilliams crossed the line just four tenths clear of Farquhar with Hamilton finishing 11 seconds later. Christian Elkin – who stayed with the top three in the opening couple of laps – dropped back to finish 30 seconds off the leader in fourth place with Jamie Coward fifth and Michael Russell sixth from the second group. Local rider Ian Morrell ended up seventh ahead of Maria Costello, David Madsen-Mygdal and Graham English, with the latter three coming from the second group.

It was McWilliams second victory at the Triangle Circuit having previously won the Supertwins class at the 2013 meeting. “I never thought on the wrong side of 50, I’d be sitting on the top step of the podium at the North West 200,” he said following the race.

It was a much depleted grid for the second Supertwin race after 29 riders started the Thursday race, there were just 17 riders for the second race.

Farquhar holds off McWilliams to take Supertwin victory

Ryan Farquhar was the winner in the Supertwin race on Thursday evening, after holding off team-mate Jeremy McWilliams.

BE Racing’s Jamie Hamilton took the lead at the start resulting in a battle between master and apprentice, with Hamilton having formerly ridden for Farquhar’s KMR Kawasaki team. Farquhar got back into the lead and started to pull away with McWilliams reeling in Hamilton.

When McWilliams dispatched of Hamilton he closed in on Farquhar and did manage to overtake him but eventually it was Farquhar’s race victory as he crossed the line just over a second clear of his team-mate. Martin Jessopp crossed the line in third but it was Hamilton on the podium as Jessopp was handed a 60 second penalty for jumping the start. His eventual classified position was seventh.

Behind the top three Christian Elkin was an impressive fourth ahead of newcomer Derek McGee and Michael Sweeney. Then it was Jessopp who slotted in ahead of Jamie Coward, Darren James, and local rider Ian Morrell. There were three retirements from the race – Anthony McColgan, Michael Dunlop, and Maria Costello.

2015 North West 200 Practice Results: Tuesday 12th May – Supertwin

Top 20 times from the first qualifying session of the Supertwin class at the North West 200

  1. James Hillier – 4 laps – 5:26.036 – 99.044mph
  2. Ryan Farquhar – 3 laps – 5:26.101 – 99.025mph
  3. Jamie Hamilton – 5 laps – 5:27.125 – 98.715mph
  4. Michael Dunlop – 3 laps – 5:31.061 – 97.541mph
  5. James Cowton – 4 laps – 5:32.159 – 97.219mph
  6. Derek McGee – 4 laps – 5:32.356 – 97.161mph
  7. Christian Elkin – 5 laps – 5:36.624 – 95.929mph
  8. Michael Sweeney – 4 laps – 5:36.927 – 95.843mph
  9. Jamie Coward – 5 laps – 5:37.036 – 95.812mph
  10. Ivan Shanley – 5 laps – 5:37.120 – 95.788mph
  11. Adrian Clark – 4 laps – 5:37.761 – 95.606mph
  12. Ian Morrell – 5 laps – 5:40.090 – 94.951mph
  13. Martin Jessopp – 5 laps – 5:44.119 – 93.840mph
  14. Bruce Birnie – 3 laps – 5:47.574 – 92.907mph
  15. Darren James – 5 laps – 5:51.964 – 91.748mph
  16. Paul Gartland – 3 laps – 5:54.942 – 90.978mph
  17. Mark Shields – 4 laps – 5:55.293 – 90.888mph
  18. David Madsen-Mygdal – 4 laps – 6:10.942 – 87.054mph
  19. Sandy Berwick – 3 laps – 6:11.152 – 87.005mph
  20. Alan Brown – 4 laps – 6:13.344 – 86.494mph

Full times can be found on the official North West 200 website

2015 North West 200 Practice Results: Tuesday 12th May – Superbike

Top 20 times from the first qualifying session of the Superbike class at the North West 200.

  1. Alistair Seeley – 5 laps – 4:53.639 – 109.972mph
  2. Gary Johnson – 4 laps – 4:57.376 – 108.590mph
  3. Lee Johnston – 4 laps – 4:59.293 – 107.894mph
  4. Dean Harrison – 4 laps – 5:01.146 – 107.230mph
  5. Ian Hutchinson – 5 laps – 5:01.657 – 107.049mph
  6. John McGuinness – 5 laps – 5:02.049 – 106.910mph
  7. Michael Rutter – 5 laps – 5:03.458 – 106.413mph
  8. Michael Dunlop – 4 laps – 5:04.068 – 106.200mph
  9. William Dunlop – 5 laps – 5:04.664 – 105.992mph
  10. Guy Martin – 6 laps – 5:05.441 – 105.723mph
  11. Jamie Hamilton – 4 laps – 5:05.525 – 105.693mph
  12. Conor Cummins – 5 laps – 5:06.656 – 105.304mph
  13. James Hillier – 5 laps – 5:06.972 – 105.195mph
  14. Keith Amor – 5 laps – 5:12.644 – 103.287mph
  15. Stephen Thompson – 4 laps – 5:12.677 – 103.276mph
  16. Paul Shoesmith – 4 laps – 5:14.141 – 102.795mph
  17. Alistair Kirk – 4 laps – 5:14.322 – 102.735mph
  18. Derek McGee – 3 laps – 5:14.622 – 102.637mph
  19. Daniel Cooper – 5 laps – 5:16.448 – 102.045mph
  20. Bruce Birnie – 4 laps – 5:17.145 – 101.821mph

Full times can be found on the official North West 200 website