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Pirelli confirm tyre test schedule for 2017 spec tyres

From 2017 onwards Pirelli will be introducing a wider tyre in line with the new regulations.

Pirelli have already been carrying out tyre testing with Ferrari and Red Bull but using the current tyre widths with prototype materials and structures. The testing has been carried out at Fiorano and Paul Ricard, and three more circuits are set to join the testing calendar.

There will be ten sessions over 24 days in which the 2017 tyres will be tested, starting with a two day event at Fiorano with Ferrari. This will take place on 1st & 2nd of August on an artificially dampened track to test the intermediate and full wet tyres. On 3rd & 4th August Red Bull will test the slick tyres for the first time at Mugello. The testing will take place using modified 2015 specification cars. Three teams will initially take part in the testing – Ferrari and Red Bull being joined by Mercedes. They will be obliged to share all the data gathered during the tests with all other teams.

The testing schedule will be as follows:

  1. August 1st & 2nd – Ferrari – Fiorano – Wets
  2. August 3rd & 4th – Red Bull – Mugello – Slicks
  3. September 6th & 7th – Ferrari – Barcelona – Slicks
  4. September 6th – 8th – Mercedes – Paul Ricard – Slicks
  5. September 21st & 22nd – Mercedes – Paul Ricard – Wets
  6. October 12th & 13th – Mercedes – Barcelona – Slicks
  7. October 14th – 16th – Red Bull – Abu Dhabi – Slicks
  8. November 2nd & 3rd – Red Bull – Abu Dhabi – Wets
  9. November 14th – 16th – Ferrari – Abu Dhabi – Slicks
  10. November 29th – ALL TEAMS – Abu Dhabi – Both

The test day at Abu Dhabi at the end of the season will see all 11 teams get to trial the 2017 spec tyres – which will be 60mm wider for the front tyres and 80mm wider for the rear tyres – to validate the data from the previous tests.


As well as the aforementioned specific tyre test dates the following tests will also take place:

  1. 12th & 13th July – Mercedes – Silverstone – Slicks
  2. 16th July – Ferrari – Fiorano – Wets
  3. 18th & 19th July – Red Bull – Vallelunga – Slicks

These are with the prototype 2016 spec tyres, and not the 2017 tyres. Mercedes will carry out this testing during the official Silverstone test at which ten other teams will be present.